Episode 6 Introduced an Obscure Marvel Comics Character

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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

She-Hulk, Disney+’s new series has introduced several new heroes and villains to the MCU. In addition to the protagonists herself, we have Titania, the Daredevil and even the return of the Abomination, played by the same actor as the character in The incredible Hulk, Tim Roth. Now, in this week’s episode, Jennifer Walters’ client was the Craig Hollis, known by the name of Immortal Lord.

in the marvel comics

Immortal Lord as the name says, he has the power not to die, he is an evolved version of Homo sapiens called Homo Supremethe only one known in the Marvel Universe. Craig already tried to kill himself in several ways, he even erases for a few moments but always returns to life. The problem is that he always returns enraged to return to the world of the living, due to the agony of reviving.

In the comics he received his powers after the death of his mother at birth, in his childhood he was very close to Thanatos and he always tried to take his power to the fullest. At the beginning the character played in the midst of moving cars, but on his 8th birthday he decided to burn down his house and hide inside it while it burned.

Immortal Lord in the comics

Upon becoming an adult, he realized that his powers could be used to become a superhero and founded the central avengers (Great Lake Avengersin the original) along with the Plate, Door, Big Bert, Dinah Soar and Leather Boy. The team has worked with the Fantastic Four and Avengers a few times, including on a quest to rescue the Scarlet Witch. During the Civil war, he and his team were the first to sign the Super Hero Registration Act.

In She-Hulk

Immortal Lord in She-Hulk

In She-Hulk O Immortal Lord becomes a customer of Jennifer Walters to be assisted in his divorce, he explains that it is “a nice guy who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings“. Later in the episode it is shown that Craig he was fed up with his marriages and would rather throw himself into traffic and die than talk to his partners.

She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes is available on Disney+

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