Ex-Cruzeiro, Arrascaeta congratulates the celestial club for access to Serie A

Arrascaeta, Uruguayan attacking midfielder ex-Cruzeiro
photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press

Arrascaeta, Uruguayan attacking midfielder ex-Cruzeiro

Former Cruzeiro and now Flamengo’s idol, Uruguayan attacking midfielder Giorgian de Arrascaeta congratulated the celestial club for accessing Srie A to the Brazilian Championship. “My congratulations to Cruzeiro for his return to the Brazilian football elite”, posted the player on a social network.

Arrascaeta has played 187 games for Flamengo, a club he has been defending since 2019. He has already won nine titles for the red-black: three state titles, two Brazilians, two Supercopas, Libertadores and Recopa Sudamericana. In addition to the 51 goals, he contributed with 64 assists in the Rio de Janeiro team.

At Cruzeiro, Arrascaeta played for four seasons, between 2015 and 2018, and won the Copa do Brasil twice (2017 and 2018) and a Campeonato Mineiro (2018). With 50 goals, the Uruguayan is the second highest foreign scorer in the history of the celestial club – he lost the position to Marcelo Moreno, in 2021, who has one more.

With 188 games, Arrascaeta is also the second foreigner who most wore the starred shirt – he is below the Argentine Ariel Cabral, with 200 games. The midfielder still has 37 assists for Raposa.

Arrascaeta’s departure from Cruzeiro was traumatic. With a proposal from Flamengo in hand and influenced by his manager, Daniel Fonseca, the then celestial number 10 decided not to present himself at Toca da Raposa II for the pre-season in January 2019, forcing the board to negotiate it. In the end, he won the arm wrestling and was sold for 18 million euros (R$79.5 million at the time). Of this amount, the Minas Gerais club kept 13 million euros (R$ 55.25 million), as it held 50% of the player’s economic rights.

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