Ipec Ceará: Elmano has 30%, Captain Wagner has 29%, and Roberto Cláudio 22% | Elections 2022 in Ceará

A survey by Ipec (formerly Ibope) released this Thursday (22), commissioned by TV Verdes Mares, reveals the indices of voting intentions for the governorship of Ceará. Elmano de Freitas (PT) appears ahead with 30%, technically tied with Captain Wagner (UB), with 29%. Roberto Cláudio (PDT) has 22%.

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Elmano de Freitas grew eight percentage points in relation to the previous survey, on September 9. Captain Wagner, previously in the lead with 35% of mentions, has 29%. Roberto Cláudio, who was technically tied with Elmano in the previous poll, fluctuates from 21% to 22%.

The survey heard 1,200 people between the 19th and 21st of September in 56 municipalities in Ceará. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points, given a 95% confidence level.

The research was registered at the Ceará Regional Electoral Court (TRE-CE) under the number CE-03914/2022 and at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) under the number BR-02694/2022.

See the result of the stimulated search:

  • Elmano de Freitas (PT): 30% (22% in the previous survey)
  • Captain Wagner (Union): 29% (35% in previous poll as of 9 September)
  • Roberto Cláudio (PDT): 22% (21% in the previous survey)
  • Chico Malta (PCB): 1% (1% in previous survey)
  • Zé Batista (PSTU): 1% (1% in previous survey)
  • Serley Leal (UP): 0% (0% in previous survey)
  • Blanks and Nulls: 9% (9% in the previous survey)
  • Didn’t know: 12% (8% in previous survey)

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