School supports teacher harshly attacked in networks because of breast implants

A board of Education in Canada expressed support for a trans teacher after she heavily attacked on social media because of photos that show their breast implants.

The council this week unveiled a teacher safety planidentified as Kayla Lemieux, after students shared their photos online.

The industrial arts teacher, who previously identified as male and is now identifying as female, recently went viral after social media posts portrayed her. showing up in class wearing big, turbo-charged breasts.

The Halton District School Board, representing Oakville Trafalgar High School outside Toronto, has taken a stand in defense of the teacher. “extremely efficient”according to the “Toronto Sun”.

Trans teacher targeted by attacks in Canada
Trans teacher targeted by attacks in Canada Photo: Reproduction

Kayla Lemieux
Kayla Lemieux Photo: Reproduction

“All the kids love being in her class”said chairman Margo Shuttleworth.

Student Owen LaPlante confirmed:

“I’m fine with it. I know some of my friends are a little uncomfortable with it, but I think she should be able to express herself however she wants.”

The mother of a senior at the school said she supported Kayla for coming out as a trans woman, but didn’t agree with her big breasts.

“I think he’s going too far”said Lei.

“This school board is out of their minds. So students can’t show their nipples, but teachers can?”complained a mother.

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