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Thiago Rodrigues [GOL] – Made some saves, but gave the impression that the first goal was defensible, despite the detour in the middle of the way. Note: 4.5

Leo Matos [LAD] – Did not compromise defensively and made two tackles in the game. Note: 5

Danilo Boza [ZAG] – In addition to having fatally deflected the ball in Cruzeiro’s first goal, he was inattentive in the second by allowing Bruno Rodrigues to pass behind his back. The ball returned to the defender in the third Cruzeiro goal. Note: 3.5

Best moments: Cruzeiro 3 x 0 Vasco, for the 31st round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

Best moments: Cruzeiro 3 x 0 Vasco, for the 31st round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

Anderson Conceição [ZAG] – Safe in the game, especially in the air ball. Did not compromise. Note: 5.5

Paulo Victor [LAE] – Gave some space in the defense, including in Cruzeiro’s goal, and appeared little in the attack. He was substituted at halftime. Note: 4.5

Yuri Lara [VOL] – He protected the defense as best he could and ended the game at right back. Note: 5.5

Andrey Santos [VOL] – It was not the relief in the transition that it usually is, he missed many passes, but he is far from being the main responsible for the defeat. Note: 5

baby [MEI] – Out at Mineirão, he left the field in the second half with one shot and 12 incomplete passes. Note: 4.5

Marlon Gomes [ATA] – Well marked, produced little in the attack. He even played a few minutes as a right-back after the departure of Léo Matos. Note: 5

Vasco players mark striker Lincoln, from Cruzeiro — Photo: Daniel RAMALHO/VASCO

Eguinaldo [ATA] – He was marked for holding the ball too much in two moves in the first half. In the first, he wasted big chance. In the second, he ended up slipping and led to Cruzeiro’s goal. Note: 4

raniel [ATA] – Little triggered in the first half, he wasted at least two counterattacks because he took too long to pass the ball. He was substituted at halftime. Note: 4

edimar [LAE] – He entered the interval to provide security on the left side and did not compromise. Note: 5

Figueiredo [ATA] – Triggered at half-time, he got a weak finish in the second half and appeared little. Note: 5

Gabriel Pec [ATA] – He started well, put a rush in the match and was still the one who stole the most balls for Vasco (4). Note: 5.5

Alex Teixeira [MEI] – He entered the second half to take care of the frame, but produced little. Note: 4.5

Fábio Gomes [ATA] – No grade.

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