Why did Jobson get lost? Former Botafogo manager details reasons and stories

Former player of Botafogo, Jobson he had a remarkable stint in 2009, came back in 2010, 2012 and 2014, but never managed to establish himself. Off-field problems and doping cases prevented a successful career. Club manager at the time, André Silva recalled what it was like to live with the attacker and how was the arrival.

– In the case of Jobson, we partnered with Brasiliense for a showcase fee. Usually it’s 20%, when the player is already big and the club is big too. When he comes from a smaller club, it’s usually fifty-fifty. He, along with Jefferson and the entire squad, saved us in 2009. He came eating the ball, with absurd physical strength and had Jefferson closing the goal. Jobson was never easygoing. He arrived with problems, he had changed his manager, he was on the third, he was taking money and leaving it, he was starting to have legal actions against him. He arrived with his head turned. We tried to help, but he was very complicated, he came from a very difficult structure. We had a psychologist, but it only works when the player or any patient wants to. Jobson had no understanding of that, to do therapy. I went to have a meeting at his house, when I get there he’s in his underwear and his cousin is naked. I said, “Jobson, go put some clothes on and tell this guy to leave the room.” He was a person to a certain extent innocent – ​​explained André Silva, in an interview with “Glorioso Connection” this Tuesday (20/9).

The former football vice-president told a curious story from Jobson’s time at Botafogo.

– There were situations happening in the day to day of football, having to be talking, giving direct fines. At that time, to raise money, we made baskets of players. We took percentages of players from the base and negotiated with Botafogo, with businessmen, and I was the assistant coach to talk to investors. They put Jobson in one of those cases. I was in a snooker. We needed the money, but I was a technical person, who gave technical opinions to investors, I couldn’t lie, I had to tell the truth. I remember that a guy from the market came to say that I won points with him. I had a finance person with me, but the investors asked to let me speak. I said “he is a great player, he has great quality, he is not an athlete, but he is completely undisciplined and difficult to control. I’m afraid you’ll put your money and lose the entire investment because he did some shit” – highlighted André Silva.

In the last passage, in 2015, Jobson was fine, but ended up being punished again for doping, in a troubled episode.

– For the first time Jobson was clean, they screwed him in the Arab world. There, you are fine, you are the king, you get gifts, gold, car, everything. You have a technical decline, the ball starts not going in, the sheikh comes charging. And they have very short patience, they are short-sighted. He started well, scored goals, then went downhill. There are no drugs there, drink only internationally, there are no women. Who goes single cuts a fold. It’s very good to earn money while you’re well and if you have a structured family, because you only train once a day, at 7pm. The club places an interpreter. The club boss said he didn’t want him anymore, that he would give him a first class ticket and he would sign the termination as if he had received everything. It wasn’t right. He called a very famous, internationally known lawyer, who told him not to sign, and then go to FIFA and receive it. But he had to fulfill all his obligations to the club. When the boss there saw that he was oriented, he took Jobson’s interpreter, took the things from the assigned house, changed the lock and threw everything from Jobson on the street. The lawyer gets a person who speaks Portuguese, puts him in the hotel and says he will try to negotiate with the club. There the player has to go to the game even without being related. In the cabin, two doctors arrive to do a doping test on him. The lawyer said “don’t do it, because it will be positive”. But in football, refusing to do it is the same as saying you have drugs. The Arab court’s decision was that he was doped, suspended, the lawyer appealed to FIFA, which upheld the decision. The first time he was clean, here in Rio, trying to play for Botafogo, although his body didn’t help anymore because he wasn’t an athlete, he never was, he was a player, he had the gift. He didn’t miss training, he arrived late. I was sorry because for the first time I had seen him really clean. His biggest problem wasn’t drugs, it was drinking. He was an alcoholic. When he drank, he sometimes did drugs, but drinking was every day. It worried me, because I knew he had a very small head, what could happen if he couldn’t play. Then a series of shits happened in his life – added André Silva.

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