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4 habits that influence the weight loss process
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4 habits that influence the weight loss process

Food, as well as some day-to-day habits, has a great influence on weight loss. A diet, for example, is nothing more than a lifestyle. Therefore, Fabiana Guimarães, functional and sports nutritionist with a focus on weight loss and women’s health, clarifies some doubts about attitudes that contribute to weight loss. Check out!

1. Fasting makes you lose weight?

According to the nutritionist, when you think about nutritional strategies such as fasting, it will promote weight loss, as well as ketogenic diet (characterized by the elimination of almost all carbohydrate-rich foods, such as bread and rice) and low-carb (low-carb). The common point between all is the energy deficit, in which the person will eat less.

It is already scientifically proven several types of fasting protocols, such as number of hours and times a week, which will lead to the weight loss process also by changes in hormonal and metabolic patterns. Among the advantages are: improvement of glucose and insulin intolerance, less desire to “snack” foods, less desire to eat all the time or reduction in the need to consume sweets or carbohydrates, which will also promote the development of slimming.

2. Does chewing help in the weight loss process?

Chewing is very important in slimming process , as it stimulates satiety. The brain perceives the movement of chewing and that food will enter the body. With this, he begins to release hormones that will bring more satiety and less stimulus to hunger. Chewing slowly also increases awareness of the present. Consequently, we can observe how much we are eating.

3. Diet and light products, which is the best?

The light product will have 25% less something. Candy, for example, will have less sugar. But, as a consequence, the industry may use a chemical additive to improve palatability, and these products will not necessarily be healthier. When talking about diet products, which are intended for people with a specific need (such as diabetics), it won’t have any sugar at all.

“In my clinical experience, I do not always strengthen this idea of diet and light and, yes, reduce the frequency of consumption of sweets, so that the glycemic load of this food decreases. When you think about the weight loss of a healthy person without an associated disease, it is the reduction in the amount of sugar and sweets throughout the day that will bring a more satisfying effect”, says Fabiana Guimarães.

4. Emotional problems make weight loss difficult?

For Fabiana Guimarães, emotional problems make the weight loss process difficult, because eating behavior will often depend on the emotional state. The main point is to remember that our brain works for reward. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen yourself mentally to be able to live everyday situations without being rewarded.

“I can reframe these thoughts, I can be more aware, I can reduce the frequency with which we ‘discount’ emotion in food. Of course, this subject must be further explored because there are numerous strategies and causes why this happens, but when we are emotionally stronger, weight loss execution happens more efficiently and calmly”, ponders the specialist.

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