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It is the fact or event of journalistic interest. It may be new or recent information. It also concerns a novelty of an already known situation.


Predominantly opinionated text. It expresses the author’s view, but not necessarily the opinion of the newspaper. It can be written by journalists or experts from different fields.


Reporting that brings up unknown facts or episodes, with a strong content of denunciation. It requires specific techniques and resources.

Content Commerce

Editorial content that offers the reader a shopping environment.


It is the interpretation of the news, taking into account information that goes beyond the narrated facts. It makes use of data, brings unfoldings and scenario projections, as well as past contexts.


Analytical text that translates the official position of the vehicle in relation to the facts covered.


It is the institutional matter, which addresses a subject of interest to the company that sponsors the report.

fact check

Content that verifies the veracity and authenticity of information or fact disclosed.


It is the article that brings subsidies, historical data and relevant information to help understand a fact or news.


Breathtaking report that addresses, in depth, various aspects and developments of a given subject. It brings data, statistics, historical context, as well as stories of characters who are affected or have a direct relationship with the topic addressed.


Approach to a given subject, in which the topic is presented in a question and answer format. Another way to publish the interview is through topics, with the interviewee’s response reproduced in quotation marks.


Text with detailed and opinionated analysis about products, services and artistic productions, in the most diverse areas, such as literature, music, cinema and visual arts.

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