a complete guide to the new network of the moment

BeReal brings an innovative proposal: show your friends what you’re doing now, with no chance of edits or filters. And only once a day — more precisely, when an alert reminds you to post. It is almost an “anti-social network” in a time of post-pandemic internet saturation.

The bet is that the newest darling of Generation Z in the USA will also be pumping in Brazil. data of Google Trends, a platform that gathers user search indexes, show that searches started to grow at the end of July. On Saturday (17), interest in the subject was higher.

At the end of August, BeReal reached 10 million daily active users. In the same month last year, there were just over 100,000, according to communiqué. It is an undeniable success – which is also proven in the behavior of the competition.

Major media companies such as Meta and ByteDance have already copied part of BeReal’s formats. We know that Instagram tests the “Candid Challenges” feature – daily challenge that invites users to post a photo of what they are doing at that moment, without filters.

And on Monday (19), TikTok launched “TikTok Now”. The proposal is that users take a photo or record videos about what they do when they receive a daily notification at random times – much like BeReal, as we will see below.

Unveiling BeReal: A Complete Guide

Everything has a beginning. BeReal was first launched in December 2019 in France but only gained popularity in 2022 in the hands of Gen Z North American.

How BeReal works

The main difference between BeReal and other social networks is that the user cannot post at any time, but only once a day. Upon receiving a daily notification, the app activates a two-minute timer to record what is in front of you, with the rear camera, and the face, with the front camera.

BeReal: a complete guide to the new network of the moment
Image: BeReal/Disclosure

Another important factor: the notification is sent at random times each day, preventing the user from predicting what time it will arrive. The idea is that these records make it possible to share moments that are more authentic than the versions of life we ​​post on Instagram.

BeReal’s camera, unlike other apps, doesn’t offer any kind of filter or editor. That is, the photos come out exactly as they were taken, whether on the rear or front camera. And, unlike other networks, only photos are allowed – you can’t record videos.

How to enter

It is only possible to access BeReal by cell phone. To do this, just download the app from the iPhone or Android store. When starting, the process is standard: include the name, date of birth and phone number. It doesn’t ask for email or password.

To work, the network asks permission to access the camera, contacts (to find friends who are already using the network) and to show notifications. The app starts operating after the user takes the first BeReal: a quick photo of their face and what’s in front of them.

Is it possible to redo the photo?

Yes, as long as it happens within the two minutes of the open window. Upon receiving the notification “It’s time for BeReal”the app will open the camera and capture the two photos, front and back.

Once this is done, you can press the “X” button in the upper right corner of the screen to delete the two photos and make a new pair. It’s a limited number of repetitions, as the timer is running until it reaches the two possible minutes for the photo of the day.

Image: BeReal/Disclosure

What time does the notification come?

Nobody knows. Officially, BeReal says the time is random. But everything indicates that the app takes the time zone into account – it is very unlikely that the notification will arrive at 3 am, for example.

What happens if I miss the notification?

Forget the urgency. If the user can’t take a picture at that moment, he can open the app and register later, as long as it happens after the daily notification. The post will then gain an annotation (“5 hours late”) at the top.

Do the posts disappear?

Yup. Just like an Instagram story or a Snapchat snap, BeReal posts can only be seen by friends for 24 hours. This means that the only way to keep them “permanent” is to take a screenshot.

The creators of the posts, however, can see their old photos in the “Your Memories” section, where there is a calendar with each photo of the day. These photos can be saved in memory by the authors themselves on their smartphones.

Image: BeReal/Disclosure

Is it possible to interact with other users?

Yup. For this, the network uses “RealMoji”, the name given to its own version of emojis. To interact, just tap the reaction button at the bottom right of the posts and select the emoji to send.

It is also possible to make your own RealMoji. In the same place, tap a regular emoji to open the selfie camera view and take a photo with the expression that matches the chosen emoji.

Image: BeReal/Disclosure

Does BeReal notify you when we capture the screen?

So far, no. But you can see how many people have done it. To find out, just share your post on other social networks or email.

Anyone who clicks on the link that accompanies the post will not be directed to their profile, but to the BeReal homepage. It’s a way to attract more people to the platform and encourage sharing.

Is it possible to delete posts?

Yup. Just click on the three dots below the post and ask for deletion. For public posts, you can also remove the photo from the Discovery feed so that it is only visible to friends.

privacy settings

In general, BeReal has very simple privacy controls. The user can choose, before posting, if the photo of the day will go to the public feed or not.

It is also possible to hide the location. Both options are at the bottom of the post and must be activated before the “Send” button.

The app does not reveal a person’s number of friends. The only sign of popularity is if the post has multiple reactions with RealMojis.

Where does BeReal’s money come from?

Today the network does not require a subscription or allow advertising or in-app purchases. The company maintains itself with funding from investors – as always happens in the beginning of social networks. This is likely to change in the future as the app grows.

Where to find BeReal

You can access the network at Apple App Store and Google Play.

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