A Fazenda 14: After the first elimination of the program, Ruivinha de Marte and Deolane ‘break the stick’ in the house: “Very superb”


During the dawn of this Friday (23), the peons ended up starring in a shack

Images: Playback/RecordTV.
Images: Playback/RecordTV.

Deolane Bezerra became a topic again on the web during the dawn of today, Friday (23), after setting up a shack with Ruivinha de Marte, her confinement colleague. The confusion happened after Bruno Tálamo was announced as the first eliminated from “The Farm 14”.

After returning to the headquarters of the rural reality show, the lawyer ended up being strange with the influencer and the two exchanged barbs. At a certain point in the discussion, the funkeira provoked: “Very superb, do you want the crown of the farm?”. MC Kevin’s widow didn’t shut up and tried to counter.

The discussion started after Ruivinha de Marte stated that she doesn’t need the opinion of others, as she started to have her own vision about Deolane. “No one needs to tell me any more, I already have my own view of you”, said the influencer, causing the fight.

The lawyer, well known for not taking offense, decided to counter the young woman and exposed her: “The one who came to apologize here, under this camera, was you! […] Saying your friends hated me and you didn’t want to feel it”revealed Deolane Bezerra.

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