A Fazenda 2022: UOL poll points out who is the most hated participant by the public

After the first elimination of “A Fazenda 2022”, which sent Bruno Tálamo home, the public showed how their favoritism is with the partial votes between Deborah and Tiago Ramos. The two participants are rivals in the game and only one of them secured more than half of the favoritism. On the other hand, there is that participant who carries the most hated post on the showaccording to the UOL poll.

Netizens pointed out in the poll which of the twenty participants is not pleasing the public. Even involved in some fights and controversies, Thomaz Costa has been pleasing the people at home, either by his personality or by the comments on the web every time he takes a shower and raises the temperature. In the ranking of the most hated, Thomaz is the least voted, with only 0.55% of the votes.

who stayed with the same partial as the colleaguewho almost had an affair with Maisa, was Redhead from Mars. The two drew with André Marinho, Ingrid Ohara, Bia Miranda’s rival, Iran Malfitano, who always loses patience with Deborah, Pele Milflows and Rosiane Pinheiro.

The middle platoon with those participants with less than 10% of the votes got Bárbara Borges with 9.29%, Bia Miranda, who fought with Tati and lowered the level with 5.46%. With a fight that almost resulted in expulsion, Alex displeases only 2.19% of the public, theJust like poor Kerline.

Not dreaming of the legal fight that takes place between Naldo and Mc Créu, Moranguinho had only 1.09% of the votes, as well as Petal, Shayan and Tati Zaqui.

Who is the most hated contestant on The Farm?

The dispute to know who doesn’t like the audience of “A Fazenda” was among four participants. After nearly getting kicked out and calling Alex a gazelle, Vini has 10.93% rejectionfollowed by the participant who speaks the language of peacocks, better known as Deborah, with 13.11% of the votes. Tiago Ramos got 15.85% and Deolane led the poll. The lawyer’s temper and countless bullshit made Deolane received 31.15% of the vote.

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