Actors of O Cravo e a Rosa who vote for Lula for president

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09/21/2022 15:49

The first round of Eleies 2022 takes place on the 2nd of October, a few days after The Carnation and the Rose go off the air on Globo.

Written by Walcyr Carrascothe original 2000 telenovela has achieved success in the network’s new afternoon telenovela range since its debut at the end of 2021.

With so much repercussion, there are many people who want to know curiosities about the actors in the plot, such as the political option for this year’s presidential elections.

Speaking of the cast of O Cravo e a Rosa, the majority declared their vote for Lula (PT). And some were against the current president Jair Bolsonaro. Check it out below.

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Check out who votes for Lula in 2022

Among the actors who are openly voters of Luiz Incio Lula da Silva is Angelo Antonio, the interpreter of professor Edmundo in O Cravo e a Rosa. In an interview with Veja, in July this year, the actor reinforced his vote for the former president.

‘I will vote for Lula, for sure. First, I think it’s really cool that the guy lived what he lived and turned around. something we need to learn as Brazilians. Overcoming all the adversities that life throws at us‘, assumed ngelo Antnio, who also lived Alcides in the old version of Pantanal.

Leandra Leal also declares herself a voter for Lula, as well as for other candidates of the Brazilian left, such as Marcelo Freixo, candidate for governor of Rio de Janeiro in 2022. Daughter of veteran ngela Leal, she played Bianca in Globo’s afternoon plot and opens her vote in the social networks. ‘Our president, our hope’, she wrote in a photo posed next to Lula.

Another actress from O Cravo e a Rosa who does not follow the ‘secret vote’ pattern Drica Moraes, the vile Marcela from the telenovela, who for years has declared herself to be a PT voter (Partido dos Trabalhadores). Last Tuesday (20) she took the opportunity to summon her followers. ’13 days left for us to vote for LULA!’, wrote Drica in a photo making the L with his fingers, a sign of whoever voter in Pernambuco.

On the veterans team, ney Latorraca opened his vote for Lula shortly before his new play premiered, this time in September.

A priori, the Cornlio of Walcyr Carrasco’s soap opera would vote for Ciro Gomes (PDT), but according to the actor ‘you can’t vote for him, otherwise he weakens’. ‘And this is a very dangerous moment, there is a cloud over our heads that destroys the culture. We need to rebuild, so yes, you can say that I will vote for Lula’said Folha de S.Paulo.

Barbara from O Cravo e a Rosa, Virginia Cavendish, also does not hide that voting for Lula against Jair Bolsonaro. In your twittershe shares publications by the PT candidate and other leftist politicians.

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Actors of O Cravo e a Rosa against Bolsonaro

In addition to the actors who assume their votes, there are those who only decide to reject the current government, led by Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Adriana Esteves, the protagonist Catarina, one of them. Despite not declaring that she is a voter for any presidential candidate, she is rooting for a conscious choice in favor of Brazilian culture. ‘I’m sure we’ll have the victory that the culture deserves, right? our responsibility‘, said the actress.

Remembering that, in Bolsonaro’s government, the Ministry of Culture lost autonomy and became only one of the secretariats of the Ministry of Tourism.

J Tssia Camargo, who plays Joana in the plot, when she lived in Brazil, was a staunch follower of the PT and a voter for Lula. Now living in Portugal, she admits she doesn’t want to go back, but she always posts on her social media against Bolsonaro’s actions, such as his going to the wake of Queen Elizabeth II.

Other actors in O Cravo e a Rosa openly against the current president are Maria Padilha, Murilo Rosa and Eduardo Moscovis.

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