After being cancelled, Adriane Galisteu denies having a preference for participants

Adriane Galisteupresenter, used Twitter this Wednesday (21), and explained the rumors circulating on the web that she supposedly would have a preference for Deolane Bezerrawho has been collecting several shacks in reality.

The presenter, during the formation of the roça, had to control the moods of some participants and all this generated a distrust of the public, because the blonde did not let the confusion roll without interventions. in the fight between Kerline and Deolanewhich the former BBB calls the lady lawyer, Adriane made a comment.


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“Age is not talk, right? If we’re going to have an old chat, things get ugly. We women don’t have to deal with this issue.”, shot. The comment fell out of favor on the web.

no patience, Galisteus fired on Twitter: “Oh, people, stop this ‘fic’ [abreviação de fiction, ficção em inglês] I’m rooting for A and B. I’m rooting for myself here beside this fire in the hay!”, he explained. The blonde’s answer did not convince many netizens. “Then be impartial when presenting the program, then no one bothers you, babe!”revolted a fan of the reality.

Before the reality show debuted, Adriane Galisteu commented on the expectation with Deolane Bezerra in rural reality.

“I really hope she plays for real. There is great anticipation around her. She showed a lot of strength in public in the period following the death of her husband, MC Kevin. Then, with the move to social media, she adopted a softer demeanor. I really hope she plays. Behind this new wall is the usual Deolane, and I hope this Deolane reappears.”he confessed.

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