Alexandre de Moraes evaluates closing shooting clubs in the elections

O president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Alexandre de Moraes, said this Thursday, 22, that the Electoral Court is evaluating the proposal to close shooting clubs on election day. The request came from the delegates who are part of the National Council of Civil Police Chiefs.

The magistrate and some representatives of the Civil Police meton Tuesday 20th, to debate security in the 2022 election. In August of this year, the TSE prohibited the carrying of weapons within a radius of 100 meters from polling places.

However, the security forces still showed apprehension with the authorization of the Collector, Sports Shooter and Hunter (CAC’s) to transport weapons to the shooting clubs.

During the session that took place today, Moraes reaffirmed that the Judiciary and the Electoral Justice are prepared to guarantee the safety of voters and peaceful elections. “We are prepared to guarantee that not only in these 10 days left for the first round, but later, that we will have peaceful elections, secure elections”, he explained.

Also this Thursday, Minister Cármen Lúcia, from the Federal Supreme Court (STF), claimed to be receiving reports from representatives of the artistic class who were being threatened due to political alignments. “This is disrespectful to a cultural heritage”, said Moraes, mentioning that threats from “digital militias will not be tolerated”.

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