alleged hacker responsible for leaks is arrested

The alleged GTA 6 hacker has been caught by British authorities. According to information shared by the profile “City of London Police” and journalist Matthew Keys, a 17-year-old would have been responsible for the leaks.

In addition to Rockstar Games, the suspect would also have invaded the Uber network. As announced by the network, the arrest was made in Oxfordshire, a county in the southwest of England, on Thursday night (22).

The NCCU, the cybercrime investigation body, assisted in the search. Look:

first tweet: The 17-year-old alleged hacker has been arrested in Oxfordshire and is believed to be connected to a group that identifies itself as “Lapsus$”, which organizes itself mainly through Telegram channels.

According to Tweet: London police confirm arrest of 17-year-old arrested for hacking incident; source says the crime is related to the break-in at Rockstar Games and possibly Uber Technologies.

On September 20, Uber released a statement where, due to the similarity of the cyberattack, the attacks made on Rockstar Games could have been provoked by the same source. In the end, the GTA 6 leak upset the company quite a bit.

Rockstar received criticism over GTA 6, and devs defended the company

The leaked GTA 6 content shows an early game setup where the graphics weren’t polished. This generated a barrage of criticism for Rockstar, which had several devs speaking out in its defense. Look here!

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