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Singer Anitta is being accused of xenophobia by Vinicius Souza de Menezes Santos, known as Vini Singer. The episode would have taken place on the 19th, through the social network Instagram. The singer and digital influencer attended a police station in Morumbi, in São Paulo, this Thursday (22), to register the case against Poderosa.

It is column had access to the document, with exclusivity. In it, Vini reports that she made a comment about the singer’s short skirt, which she would not have been pleased at all. Anitta then replied: “Love, do you want to come and talk about my clothes, which are too short? Short style 0% digital influencer Vini Singer? What novel did you do? Singer? I don’t know any of your songs. Never heard of it, sub-celebrity.”

And he continued: “So go back to Bahia, you baiano that you win instead of opportunizing the lives of others. When you’re recognized internationally, we’ll exchange a chat, ok?”, concluded the singer.

In an attempt to counter Anitta’s speech, Vini Singer said that he “didn’t know if she was in a good mood”, but despite that, he was very proud of his Bahian descent, as his grandmother was also from Bahia and he is in love with Trancoso. .

This column reminds the dear reader that the police report is not to be confused with the criminal action or the police investigation, being a formal record of an allegedly typical act.. That is, it will be necessary to follow the facts to know the next chapters of what was reported by Vini Singer.

Also exercising our public and civic duty, we clarify that xenophobia is a typical fact, that is, criminal, and covered by Brazilian legislation. Practicing, inducing or inciting discrimination or prejudice based on race, color, ethnicity, religion or national origin is a crime. The penalty can vary from one to three years, plus the fine, being imprisonment, that is, permanence in prison.

Disrespectful comments and the act of belittling people’s customs and traditions are just some of the forms of xenophobia. This is a serious accusation that, if neglected, could bring great harassment to the recent VMA winner.

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