Arousing the interest of European giants, João Gomes’ termination clause increased after renewal

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Last Saturday, João Gomes signed his new contract with Flamengo. The player’s situation had been dragging on and the obstacle was due to the salary values ​​that were not pleasing the athlete’s staff.

Finally, the parties reached an agreement and João Gomes had a financial compensation five times greater than he received, ceasing to be one of the cheapest salaries in the Flamengo squad.

In the last week, the interest of several European giants appeared in the hiring of the nestling of the Ninho. Clubs of the caliber of Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester United monitor the Flamengo player.

The red-black fans are worried about the onslaught of these clubs, as they know that even with very good financial health, Flamengo would not be able to hold a strong onslaught, but the red-black was forewarned about that.

According to the newspaper ‘O DIA’, with the renewal of the contract made last Saturday, João Gomes’ termination fine also increased. For European clubs to remove the defensive midfielder from Flamengo, they will need to pay BRL 300 million, while Brazilian clubs will have to pay BRL 400 million.

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According to some media, Real Madrid was the team that so far made the biggest offer on the player, wanting to pay something in the region of R$ 150 million. On social media, many fans found the value low, but the board of Mais Querido did not comment.

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As the international transfer window is closed, a possible departure of João Gomes could only happen next season. Getting free to play in the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil finals.

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