At 80 years old, Susana Vieira scandalizes when she appears in a low-cut swimsuit: ”How beautiful”

Actress Susana Vieira showed off her body by appearing in a bathing suit on a paradise beach and impressed with so much beauty

The actress Susana Vieira (80) drew a lot of attention this Wednesday, 21, on his social network when he appeared in a bathing suit on a paradise beach. Lavishly in good shape, the famous stood out on the spot.

In the record shared by the blonde, she stole the show by flaunting her stunning curves in a low-cut swimsuit. Stylish, the artist posed wearing sunglasses.

““Branca Letícia” went to the beach”, joked about her character in For love1997 soap opera, in which she played the blonde.

Upon appearing devastating on the Costa Smeralda, in Sardinia, Italy, Susana Viera soon drew praise from her followers. “How beautiful“, admired the fans. “Wonderful”, exclaimed others when they saw her on the rocks enjoying the sunny day.

Just recently, on her 80th birthday, the famous shone at her house party when she wore a low-cut red dress that wasn’t discreet to celebrate another year of life after being hospitalized.

Susana Vieira overcomes illness and celebrates 80th birthday at home

In recent weeks, Susana Vieira was hospitalized for 10 days. The artist’s hospitalization took place in early August after she felt the consequences of covid-19, a disease she had contracted on July 12. “I am well. COVID left sequelae in the lung and I had to undergo a cycle of venous medication, so I’m hospitalized”, said the actress to Extra newspaper What happened.

After being discharged, the famous celebrated her return home with a special breakfast in her room. “Good morning my loves, look how happy after ten days of hospitalization eating breakfast”, appeared at a table in her room with her four Yorkshire dogs.

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