“Better let them know from me”

One of the most controversial couples in the world of football has come to an end. On Instagram, model and businesswoman Wanda Nara announced the end of her marriage with Argentine striker Mauro Icardi, from Galatasaray. The announcement confirms the rumor pointed out by the TV show Los Ángeles de La Mañana, that Wanda was starting the divorce process with the player.

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Print by Wanda Nara

The announcement comes shortly after the confirmation of Icardi’s loan to the Turkish team. In the message, Wanda states that she preferred to say how her relationship with the attacker stood.

“This is a very painful moment for me. But given my exposure, the things that are being revealed and the media speculation, it is preferable that they know it from me,” she explained.

“I have nothing more to add nor will I give any further details about this separation. Please, I ask you to understand that this is not just about me, but also about our children.”

The reason for the breakup was not revealed, but the relationship between the two has been in crisis since last year, after the player got involved with actress Maria Eugenia “China” Suárez. The two even broke up after the affair came to light, but eventually reconciled.

At the time, Icardi even threatened to leave Paris Saint-Germain, the club he played for at the time, if Nara made the end of their relationship official. The extramarital affair was only discovered after Wanda hired a private detective to follow and confirm the attacker’s betrayal.

The two were married since 2014, the two had two daughters together, but lived with the other three children, fruits of Wanda’s marriage to Máxi Lopez.

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