Bocardi is ‘released’ from BDSP by Sabina and she takes over the newspaper

The co-host of Globo’s regional news program gave the anchor a few minutes of “off” to relax in the studio window

During the last edition of good São Paulowhich aired this Friday the 23rd, on Globe, Rodrigo Bocardi and Sabina Simonato starred in an unusual moment during the morning weather forecast.

The co-host started talking about the sunny weather in the capital of São Paulo while Bocardi decided to approach the studio balcony to sunbathe after several cloudy days.

“Shall we talk about the weather forecast? A lot of people are saying they’re waiting for the cold of nine degrees”, Sabina began, before being interrupted by Bocardi. “This little sun on the slab today, after so much rain, so much gray weather, the sun on the slab today is delicious”, said the journalist

Oh good thing, so just sit there, enjoy your sunshine and I’ll talk to the class“, replied the journalist, dismissing the news anchor for a few minutes. Bocardi accepted his colleague’s suggestion and even pulled up a chair to make himself more comfortable.. “Then the taximeter is running”, said the veteran, possibly talking about the time until the end of the newspaper.

Sabina Simonato and Rodrigo Bocardi in the latest edition of Bom Dia São Paulo on Globo
Sabina Simonato and Rodrigo Bocardi in the latest edition of Bom Dia São Paulo on Globo- Photo: Reproduction

Sabina Simonato took charge of Bom Dia São Paulo for a few minutes and after presenting the highlights of the weather forecast she returned to speak with her colleague: “Are you warming up your legs?”, asked the journalist. “I’m checking the messages here”, replied the anchor, in the greatest tranquility.

Rodrigo Bocardi shows behind the scenes of BDSP at Globo

Rodrigo Bocardi shows behind the scenes of BDSP and delivers: “I am just a dark spot in the corner of the studio”

"scared to death"Rodrigo Bocardi assumes terror at Globo and confirms what he lives: "It happens every day"

Death of Globo journalist makes Bocardi suffer live and expose sincere report to the public: “I think about giving up”

Rodrigo Bocardi gave an emotional speech to a fellow editor at Globo who passed away last Tuesday

“It’s not easy for me”, Bocardi gets emotional when announcing the death of Globo journalist: “Especially sad day”

“Monday should be a complicated start to the week with rain for the entire state. Take a look at Rodrigo, ‘o”, continued the presenter, asking Globo’s cameras to show a protest by the veteran. “I don’t want rain, change that, for God’s sake”, complained the famous.

“Rodrigo, you know that yesterday we talked about the rain all over the newspaper and we fell off the chip… of the horse. The cold front did not come. It’s weather forecast, it’s not accurate weather, so I’m sorry. Yesterday I also waited for the rain but it was hot”, said the on-call worker at Globo’s regional newspapers in São Paulo.

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