Bolsonaro says military will inspect TSE safe room

posted on 09/23/2022 00:21 / updated on 09/23/2022 01:02

  (credit: Reproduction / TV A Crítica)

(credit: Reproduction / TV A Crítica)

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said this Thursday (22/9) that the Armed Forces intend to deploy military personnel to inspect the safe room of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on October 2nd. In a tone of irony, the chief executive said that it was “a room in which no one knows what happens inside”. The statement took place during an interview with Sikêra Júnior, in which the Chief Executive once again defended the printed vote, a project that had already been overturned by the National Congress.

“The Armed Forces were invited in October last year to participate in an electoral transparency commission. It participated, presented (sic) suggestions. Some were (sic) accepted. And according to the information I have here, the Armed Forces intend to put their technicians inside the TSE safe room, a room where no one knows what happens inside. Just as the Federal Police seems to be doing the same thing and the Federal Comptroller General’s Office must also do the same thing. chance of corruption deviation decreases a lot. It doesn’t go to zero. It would go to zero with the printed vote”, he claimed.

“But the printed vote, Mr. Barroso worked within the Chamber against the printed vote. Another undue interference by a member of the STF within parliament. But I recommend to the staff: go vote. with the Armed Forces, with the Federal Police that I’m sure we have everything to have peaceful elections”, he said. In 25 years of existence, the electronic voting machine has never registered fraud.

“I repeat. The chance of fraud decreases a lot, but it is not zero”, he added.

Bolsonaro often calls the safe room a “secret room”. However, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has already clarified that the statement is false. The place he refers to is the Totalization Section, where about 20 employees supervise the functioning of the programs during the elections and, in case of technical failure, make the necessary adjustments.

“The calculation of the results is done automatically by the electronic ballot box right after the end of the voting. At this moment, the ballot box prints, in five copies, the Ballot Box (BU), which contains the number of votes registered in the ballot box for each candidate and party, in addition to null and blank votes. One of the printed copies is posted at the polling place, visible to all, so that the result of the ballot box becomes public and definitive. Additional copies are given to the political party inspectors”, informed The court.

During the entire process, various mechanisms for auditing and verifying the results can also be monitored by political parties, the Public Ministry, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) and more than a dozen inspection bodies, in addition to the voter itself.

The TSE also informs that the proposal for counting votes manually printed by the poll workers themselves, replacing the automatic counting by the electronic ballot box, would not create an additional audit mechanism, but would represent a return to the old model of voting on paper, marked by several frauds. in Brazilian history.

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