Brazil’s rival in the Cup, Cameroon is defeated by Uzbekistan in a friendly; watch | international football

In one of its last tests before the call-up for the World Cup, the Cameroon team was defeated this Friday by Uzbekistan, 2-0, in a friendly held in South Korea. The Asians scored with Eriknov and Uronov, beating the African team, which will rival Brazil in the Qatar World Cup.

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Uzbekistan started better in the match and reached the opposing post in their first attack. Then, he managed to open the scoring in the 21st minute, after a quick offensive transition that ended in a good cross pass from Shomurodov for Erkinov to complete.

The Cameroonians even had chances to equalize, but they didn’t show good aim or they stopped in the goalkeeper Yusupov. Uzbekistan focused on counterattacks and managed to constantly create danger, until reaching the second goal, 15 minutes from time, after Khamrobekov’s cross for Uronov.

Cameroon friendly Uzbekistan — Photo: Disclosure/Cameroon

Cameroon will now face South Korea in their last match on this Fifa date, next Tuesday – the team also had a duel against Namibia, which would be held earlier in the week, which was cancelled.

The Cameroonians are in group G of the World Cup, along with Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia. The Selection will face the African team in the third and final round of the group stage, on December 2, at Estádio de Lusail.

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