Brother accuses Pogba of involvement with criminals and request for spell against Mbappé | french football

despite being arrested this week, accused of extorting his brother, Mathias Pogba continues to generate controversy by making accusations against the Juventus and French national team midfielder. In a series of videos posted on social media, Mathias accused Pogba of involvement with criminals and even a spell request against Mbappé.

  • Pogba’s brother admits to being behind video with threat to Juventus player

The videos were posted in sequence on social networks and, according to Mathias, were previously scheduled, precisely for the possibility that he would be unable to access the networks. He says that “if you’re watching the video, it’s because Paul has found a way to shut up” his brother, claiming that the player’s money and fame would help him in this process – promising that “the mask is falling”.

Pogba brothers mother — Photo: Getty Images

Mathias calls Pogba “hypocritical, manipulative, evil, arrogant and criminal”. In this sphere, Mathias accuses his brother of being in “collusion with organized crime”, citing friendships that the player would have since adolescence.

– If it was just friendship, it would be fine, but the problem is that he used these relationships and his name partly to protect you on the streets, but also to do business, with the aim of having these criminals do things for him. They shed blood for him – accuses the midfielder’s brother.

Mathias also says that his family became “the target of these bandits” and that people close to him were “attacked and shot by him”, and that those involved did not report such facts to the authorities “for fear of retaliation”.

Spell request against Mbappé

Among the accusations made by Mathias Pogba is a spell request that the player would have made to a wizard he would have known through Serge Aurier. The sorcerer would have the name of Ibrahim and would charge thousands of euros to carry out work requested by the player – one of them would target striker Mbappé, Pogba’s teammate in the French national team.

– The turning point came with the 2018 World Cup, where Paul had more faith in the sorcerer than in God, entrusting the wizard with a big task to help the French team win. Afterwards, Paul continued, including the Champions League, to ensure that Manchester United passed against PSG (in 2019) – says Mathias.

2019 image of Paul Pogba and his brother, Mathias, who was arrested on Wednesday in an investigation for extortion – Photo: Guillaume Souvant/AFP

Pogba’s brother claims that, at the time, the midfielder was in the process of approaching Mbappé, but that the attacker was still one of the targets of the supposed spell.

– At Paul’s request, the wizard was instructed to neutralize Kylian Mbappé, who at that time was on the rise, surpassing Paul’s fame, not knowing that behind his back Paul was getting involved with sorcery to sabotage his matches.

Mathias also indicated that Pogba would have resorted to the wizard to perform spells involving other important competitions disputed by the midfielder, such as Euro 2016 – citing that strange things happened in the final against Portugal, when, for example, dozens of moths appeared on the field at the time of the ball roll.

Another target of Mathias Pogba’s accusations is Brazilian businesswoman Rafaela Pimenta, heiress to the business of mega-agent Mino Raiola. He claims that Pimenta “manages finances in a reprehensible way”, and that she even has a room in Pogba’s house, manipulating the French midfielder and “to the point of almost becoming the player’s second mother”.

“He makes people think he’s a good person when he’s someone who buys tens of millions of jewelry while family members are seriously ill and are begging him to help with a penny compared to jewelry shopping,” the brother accused. from Pogba.

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