China: Ex-minister is sentenced to death for corruption, but sentence is reversed to life in prison – News

A former Chinese justice minister and senior police official was sentenced to death on Thursday for corruption, with a suspended sentence that will be commuted to life imprisonment, a court announced.

Fu Zhenghua, 67, is also a former deputy minister of public security and began his career as a simple inspector in Beijing. He is one of the most important political figures to have fallen from grace in the last five years.

His sentence comes just before the Chinese Communist Party congress in mid-October, at which President Xi Jinping hopes to win a third term as head of the political organization.

Fu Zhenghua “was convicted of accepting bribes” and “violated the law in his personal interest and that of his relatives,” announced the Changchun People’s Court in the northeastern province of Jilin.

He was sentenced to death, but escaped a final sentence for collaborating with investigators on other cases.

The suspension of the application of the death penalty is two years. After that period, he will be commuted to life imprisonment “with no possibility of reduction of sentence”, according to the same source.

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