Chiquinho Scarpa says he is not afraid of dying after hospitalization

Chiquinho Scarpa, 71, participated in RedeTV’s “Sensational” program today and opened up about his health, revealing details of what led him to stay in hospital for five months and assured that he was not afraid of dying.

The Count said he arrived at the hospital for the first time in January this year, due to a suspected urinary tract infection. For three months, Chiquinho treated the disease with different antibiotics and there was no improvement, and he regrets the delay for a more accurate diagnosis: “I think the doctor made a mistake, because if he had done a test, he would have known what I had.”

Only in April was discovered what really weakened his health: diverticulitis. Scarpa was already in a delicate condition and had to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“Actually, I had diverticulitis. We all have balls that stick to the wall of the intestine, [no meu caso] one of these balls ignited and entered the bladder. I operated six times. Six operations with six consecutive anesthesias,” she explained.

Still, Chiquinho said that at no time was he afraid of dying. “No [tive]. I am extremely Catholic, I pray morning and night. Always thanking me, never asking for anything from me. So, I never asked to get well”, he ponders in an interview with ‘Sensational’. “I pray thanking you for not having died, for having nothing. But I believe that I was not in danger of life,” he explains.

Single, he confessed that he had no desire to have an heir or to get into a serious relationship: “I’m not going to have children, I decided that this year. I didn’t find the right woman and I thought: ‘You know what? .) Whoever wants to go out with me, goes out, dates, travels, but not getting married. Enough”, declared Chiquinho, who has already gone up to the altar twice.

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