CONSULT VALUES TO RECEIVE: was it released today (23/09)? See when FORGOTTEN MONEY can be consulted, according to the CENTRAL BANK

Brazilians have not yet been able to make new consultations. The strike by BC servers ended up delaying the implementation of the tool that allowed consultations. Now, with the end of the strike, the expectation is greater for the return of the forgotten money queries.

Next, learn how to consult the forgotten money and latest news about the Amounts Receivable System of central bank.

Amounts Receivable Central Bank

O Amounts Receivable System is used to designate the amount that has been forgotten in checking or savings accounts at financial institutions. Furthermore, the amounts unduly charged in credit fees are part of the system.

Data from the Central Bank currently point to around R$ 8 billion in forgotten values. In the first phase, R$ 4 billion were available for return. Therefore, in this second phase, the forgotten money in banks amounts to approximately more than BRL 4 billion.

Where does forgotten money come from?

O central bank forgotten money comes from:

  • checking or savings accounts that were closed (but still had a balance available);
  • amounts improperly charged from fees, installments or credit operations;
  • Capital quotas and apportionment of net surpluses in credit unions; and
  • Amounts related to closed consortia that were not withdrawn.

Was consultation early?

Despite the great expectations of citizens, the date for the consultation of the second phase of the System of Receivables was not announced by the Central Bank. Because of this, the analysis of values ​​cannot be anticipated.

Amounts receivable:; how to check receivables

At the outset, it is important to make it clear that the Query money forgotten in banks should be carried out on the new Central Bank (BC) platform.

The consultation and request for withdrawal of forgotten money from the Central Bank is “temporarily suspended for improvement”, according to the Central Bank website. In addition, as previously reported, the servers strike hindered the possibility of consulting the values ​​in May.

The citizen who has already made his initial consultation received a specific date to return to the website of the

From now on, if you haven’t already done so, it is necessary to access the website above and make the consult amounts receivable using your CPF number and your date of birth. For consult forgotten money you must have access to the account, silver or gold level. This is a must if you want to see how much you have available.

After performing the initial consultation, you must access the website above and follow the following steps:

  • Log in;
  • Consult amount receivable; the institution that must return the amount; or the origin of forgotten money;
  • Click on the option “Request here”, to receive via Pix, or on the option “Request via institution” to get in touch and agree on the bank institution.

New Amounts Receivable rules

The system Amounts Receivable has some changes after completion of the first phase. One of them is that it will not be necessary to carry out the scheduling. In this way, the citizen will be able to request the withdrawal of the money at the time of the first consultation.

In addition, the system will rely on new information passed on by financial institutions. In other words, those who did not have amounts receivable in the first stage must consult again the System as the data will be updated and there may be a new amount available for you to withdraw.

How to withdraw forgotten money?

After making your initial account in the system Amounts Receivable, it is necessary to withdraw the amounts, if you have available amount.

Here’s how to withdraw receivables:

  • go to the website on the informed date and log in;
  • After that, perform queries on the amounts receivable; the institution that must return the amount; the origin of forgotten money;
  • Click on the “Request via here” option to receive via Pix, or on the “Request via institution” option to get in touch and agree on the institution of your choice.

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