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The company informed that it had already started to withdraw products preventively (photo: Reproduction/Social Media)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) notified yet another canine snack company to recall its products from the market. This time, Petitos Indstria e Comrcio de Alimentos, headquartered in So Paulo, joins the list that already includes other manufacturers in the field. The decision was published last Monday (19/9), due to contamination of TecnoClean propylene glycol batches AD5035C22 and AD4055C21. The batches were analyzed by Mapa, which detected contamination by monoethylene glycol, a substance considered extremely toxic.

According to a note published on Petitos social networks, the company is committed to complying with the decision and informed that it had already started to withdraw products, preventively, since September 12.

The company also reinforced that it has cut ties with TecnoClean, since the ministry detected the existence of contaminated lots.

Anvisa warns about the use of toxic substance in human food

In the late afternoon of this Tuesday (20/9), the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) published an alert for all companies involved in the production chain of food for human consumption about the use of batches of the ingredient propylene glycol, from the brand TechnoClean. The lots are the same that were the basis for Mapa’s decision on Petitos. The substance is suspected to have been responsible for the death of at least 50 dogs throughout Brazil.

According to Anvisa, the measure reinforces resolution 3008, of September 9, which determined the collection of batches of the ingredient contaminated by monoethylene glycol, in addition to prohibiting its commercialization, distribution and handling.

Pet food brands take products off the market

With the difficulty in knowing which products may or may not be contaminated with monoethylene glycol, several animal food brands withdrew from the market. Among them are: Bassar Pet Food, FVO Food, Peppy Pet and Upper Dog Comercial.

Bassar was the first to be notified by the National Consumer Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety (Senacon) to present the formal recall of the product. The company stated that since September 9 it has been collecting its products with a manufacturing date of February 7. Their snacks are suspected by the contamination of dogs.

Check the Petitos note

“At your request, we inform you that Petitos did not use the lots denounced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) in the manufacture of our products, but, preventively, we are arranging for the removal of snacks from the points of sale and awaiting the result of complementary tests contracted with a renowned laboratory.

Thus, out of respect for our customers, and even though we have no report that Petitos products have generated any type of proven harm to our esteemed consumers, we will recall our entire line of products manufactured in the months of June, July and until August 3, 2022, as a precaution, considering guidance from the competent health authority”

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