Corinthians fans may have ‘new tickets’ for the final with the help of Fiel Torcedor partners

Corinthians fans are still looking for tickets to the final of the Brazilian Women’s Championship, which takes place at 2 pm next Saturday, at Neo Química Arena. With a partial of 39 thousand tickets sold, Fiel can still see some tickets being sold.

This is because members of the Minha Cadeira plan, by Fiel Torcedor, had tickets reserved for the match automatically. Many fans are not even aware of this fact and are “arresting” entries in their names.

With that, the plan organization sent an email to the partners explaining how to resolve the situation. According to the statement, it is possible to release the entries so that they return to the system and be marketed. In addition, chair owners who opt for the “return” will be rewarded: half of the amount collected from the sales of available chairs will be divided equally among all My Chair plan members who have made this choice. – see the full statement below.

Finally, it is important to remember that the option to release the ticket can only be made up to 24 hours before departure, that is, until 14:00 this Friday. If this will is not signaled, the ticket will normally be issued to the owner of the chair.

Corinthians and Internacional will compete in the grand final of the Brasileirão this Saturday, at Neo Química Arena. The ball rolls at 2 pm and Timão seeks its fourth title of the competition, after being champions in 2018, 2020 and 2021. The first match between the teams ended in a 1-1 draw.

Check out the full statement

Dear Faithful Supporter of My Chair,

At 2:00 pm next Saturday (24), at Neo Química Arena, the Brabas of our football will face Internacional in the return match of the 2022 Women’s Brasileirão final. Your ticket for this game was automatically credited, and you can access it and issue it when logging into its exclusive page on the Fiel Torcedor program website. We wait for you!

Note on the agenda:



9/24 (SATURDAY), AT 2 PM

But, if you are not going to attend Neo Química Arena to watch the game, remember that it is possible to inform this in the system, so that your ticket goes on sale in the ticket pool and you are entitled to advantages. In addition to allowing another fan who was unable to buy a ticket to go to the game, you are entitled to the following compensation: half of the amount collected from the sales of the available chairs will be divided equally among all Minha Cadeira members who have made this choice. For example: if 100 owners signal that they are not going and 50 of these chairs are sold at R$60 each, half of the R$3,000 raised – that is, R$1,500 – will be divided among these 100 Loyal Fans. Each one will receive a R$ 15 credit, which can be used to renew Minha Cadeira in the next season. As with Timão’s men’s soccer games at Neo Química Arena, this indication can be made up to 24 hours before the start of the match and, once made, it will no longer be possible for the owner to issue the ticket. If nothing is informed in the system, the ticket will be issued normally.

Respect the mines! Go Corinthians!

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