Datafolha for the Senate in RJ: Romário leads the way with 31% | Elections 2022 in Rio de Janeiro

Senator Romário (PL) continues to lead the race for the Federal Senate in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with 31% of voting intentions, according to a Datafolha survey released this Thursday (22). It follows with the same percentage of votes as in the previous poll, released on the 15th.

  • Romario (PL): 31% (31% in the previous Datafolha, of September 15)
  • Alessandro Molon (PSB): 12% (13% in previous survey)
  • Clarissa (Union Brazil): 10% (8% in previous survey)
  • Daniel Silveira (PTB): 8% (6% in previous survey)
  • Cabo Daciolo (PDT): 6% (7% in previous survey)
  • André Ceciliano (PT): 6% (5% in previous survey)
  • Bárbara Sinedino (PSTU): 1% (0% in previous survey)
  • Raul (UP): 0% (1% in previous survey)
  • Prof. Helvio Costa (DC): 0% (1% in previous survey)
  • Itagiba (Forward): 0% (0% in previous survey)
  • Sued Haidar (PMB): 0% (0% in previous survey)
  • Antonio Hermano (PCO): 0% (0% in previous survey)
  • Hiran Roedel (PCB): 0% (0% in previous survey)
  • White or null: 13% (14% in previous survey)
  • Do not know: 11% (11% in previous survey)

Rua (UP), Prof. Helvio Costa (DC), Itagiba (Avante), Antônio Hermano (PCO), Sued Haidar (PMB) and Hiran Roedel (PCB) were mentioned, but did not reach 1%.

Senator Romário — Photo: Jane de Araújo/Agência Senado

Among the names that share the leadership for the government of Rio de Janeiro, Romário reaches 42% among the voters of Cláudio Castro (PL) and 19% among the voters of Marcelo Freixo (PSB).

Among Freixo voters, Alessandro Molon stands out and reaches 36%.

The research was commissioned by TV Globo and Folha de S.Paulo. The result considers the margin of error of the research, which is 3 percentage pointsfor more or less.

According to Datafolha, in total there were 1,526 interviews, in 45 municipalities, between the days 20th and 22nd of September. The confidence level is 95%. The research was registered with the TSE with the number RJ-07687/2022.

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