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Since August, millions of beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil have been waiting for the release of the payroll loan that can be contracted by the more than 20 million people enrolled in the social program.

During the formalization of the consignment, the Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Bento, had informed that among the government’s intentions, the expectation was that the credit modality would be made available in the month of September.

However, under the allegation of several negotiations that are in progress, such as the negotiation of a limit on the interest rate that may be charged by the modality, the payroll loan will no longer be released this September.

What does it take for the consignee to be released?

First of all, it is important to clarify that the law that allows the consignment to the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil has already been sanctioned and has been in force since August 4th.

However, it is still necessary for the Ministry of Citizenship to issue complementary rules so that financial institutions can start operating the new line of credit.

According to members of the Ministry of Citizenship, the Ministry continues in constant negotiations with the bodies and institutions involved in the process to guarantee the best right to the low-income population.

Among the negotiations, we highlight the interest rate limit that can be applied by financial institutions for the release of payroll-deductible loans.

It happens that for the modality we will have a reduced number of financial institutions that will operate the consignment for Auxílio Brasil, considering that the large banks were not interested in the modality.

Thus, as there will be 15 financial institutions so far, with the exception of Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica Federal, which will offer the credit modality, due to low competition, the government fears the rise in interest rates offered.

As a consequence, the high interest rate may end up increasing the indebtedness of Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries, which would be a step backwards from the government’s objective.

When will the consignment be released?

The government has not yet set a release date for the Auxílio Brasil consignment, after all, the government’s intention is to be able to release the consignment already with the interest limit applied.

Now the new expectation is that the payroll will be made available after the first round of elections, time that the government will have to complete the guidelines and start the payroll loan operation.

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