Ex-Metropolitan player who treats advanced cancer leaves hospital

In treatment of advanced skin cancer, former Metropolitano player, Aldair da Silva, 30, was hospitalized for 20 days at Hospital São José because of the disease reaching the brain. The discharge of the unit took place this Tuesday, 20, and was celebrated by the former athlete, family and friends.

Contact the newspaper report The Municipality this Thursday, 22, Aldair explains that the time in the hospital was necessary because of the delay in the result of an resonance. “I’m feeling fine, but the medication is too strong. I’m having a lot of appetite too. It’s something that’s part of the process,” he reports.

During the period he was away from home, Aldair says he was only able to see his children twice in person. So, according to him, being at home again is priceless. “The longing was huge. It wasn’t easy, but I’m happy to be back and to be receiving love from everyone. I’m getting a lot of visitors. Joinville really embraced the cause”, he celebrates.


After leaving the hospital, Aldair received the referral from doctors to start radiotherapy treatment, which has already started at Unimed Hospital.

As soon as your health improves, you should undergo immunotherapy, which aims to fight the advance of cancer by the immune system itself. In all, four cycles of immunotherapy are needed, each costing about R$ 60,000, since SUS does not cover the treatment.

Due to being unable to work and having had large expenses with travel, medication, exams, food and expenses in general, Aldair has carried out a solidarity crowdfunding since he started treatment.

It is possible to contribute to Aldair’s treatment with any amount. To do so, simply make a donation using the Pix key: CPF 082.0008.99-08, in the name of Aldair da Silva.

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– Ex-Metropolitan player who treats advanced cancer leaves hospital

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