Ex-reality show contestant suffers stroke and recovers in hospital

Chef Angélica Vitali, who participated in the reality show MasterChef Brazil, discovered that he had a stroke. She said on social media that she had been hospitalized for five days for a neurological problem and was diagnosed this Thursday (22).

“Unfortunately, I had a stroke. But luckily, he was very weak, thank God, very small”, said Angélica. “You can see that my mouth is a little tighter, my hand is tingling again, I went to get a can of soda and realized it was too heavy… I ended up having the stroke,” she added.

The chef also said that she will carry out detailed tests to understand the cause of the health problem. “Today, I’m going to do the exam to see if my body has resistance to the anticoagulant; this was probably the reason [do AVC]. It could be something in my heart, but I just took the exam and it didn’t show anything in the heart. So, there’s something in my body that doesn’t let it (drug) react.”

“I’m very happy and grateful to God for what happened to me here in the hospital. At the same time I started to feel bad, the team came. There are a lot of good people taking care of me here. I must go back to my room today. follows, little by little, these limitations that I’m having will return to normal”, completed Angélica.

She also thanked the support of fans, friends and family; watch the video in full.

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