Facincani breaks silence on ESPN departure and admits ‘divergences’


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Last Wednesday (21), the dismissal of journalist Felippe Facincani from ESPN took everyone by surprise. The day after leaving the station, the professional created a YouTube channel, Canal do Facincani, where he spoke for the first time about what had happened.

“I come here, first of all, to thank you for all the messages I have received in the last few hours that are extremely comforting, affectionate and of a lot of learning with my situation. It’s been very intense hours actually. But, at the same time, a resilience and I’m sure it will be extremely positive for my future. I had no idea of ​​so many good people who were around me cheering for my success and who regretted my departure from ESPN”, said Felippe Facincani on his Youtube channel.

The journalist informed that he will continue his career investing in his YouTube channel, which he was previously unable to have for contractual reasons.

According to the website Uol Esporte, Facincani was fired due to internal problems. The journalist admitted “disagreements”, but highlighted that working at ESPN was a dream come true for him.

“I want to thank ESPN for these two years, for all the structure and foundation it gave me so that I could consolidate my career. It was a childhood dream to work in such a noble and special place, the house that I most admired when I was a kid, where I watched all the international games, the one that journalistically indoctrinated me to follow in the profession… And that, after many years, I had the honor of sitting on an ESPN stand. Of course, divergences of ideas exist, in all squares, in all markets, it was no different this time. ESPN follows its path with great success and I will follow my path here with you, obviously, counting on your help so that more and more we are embraced and united in this new path”, concluded the journalist.

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