‘Fat Leonard’, fugitive who bribed the US Navy, is arrested in Venezuela | World

Businessman Leonard Glenn Francis, known as Fat Leonard (Leonardo Gordo, in free translation), who was involved in a corruption scandal in the US Navy, was arrested in Venezuela on Wednesday (21) as he tried to flee to Russia. . The arrest was announced by the Interpol office in Caracas.

Fat Leonard, who was born in Malaysia, entered Venezuela from Mexico with a stopover in Cuba, and was on his way to the Federative Republic of Russia, Venezuelan Interpol said in an Instagram post.

Interpol has indicated that it will make the man available to judicial authorities to start the extradition process.

Bribe for naval officers

Fat Leonard ran a military contracting company in Singapore. In 2015, he pleaded guilty to paying nearly $500,000 in bribes to Navy officers to get his shipyards hired. According to prosecutors in charge of the case, he overpriced the contracts with the Navy by a total of $35 million.

On September 4, police were dispatched to his San Diego residence, where he was under house arrest after the agency monitoring his anklet reported a problem with the device and did not find it, the United States Delegates Service said.

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