FGTS: Workers can still withdraw ‘forgotten’ money

In 2022, the values ​​of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) have relieved the pockets of many Brazilians who have no money to pay their debts. Workers can make a extraordinary loot of up to R$ 1 thousand from your accounts.

O Federal government between April and June of this year deposited the extraordinary withdrawal in the digital social savings accounts of workers who have available balance in the FGTS. Resources can be moved through the app box has.

However, although the calendar has already been finalized, it is possible to have access to the values ​​until December 15th. Each worker can withdraw up to R$ 1 thousand from their Guarantee Fund accounts.

How to check the FGTS balance?

The worker can consult his FGTS in several ways. So, take a look at each of them below:


As one of the most practical ways to consult the FGTS, workers can opt for receiving text messages (SMS) when there is any movement in their accounts in the Guarantee Fund.

by correspondence

Another way to receive the FGTS statement is at your own home. The worker can access the information every two months, just inform the full address on the agency’s website, at a Caixa branch or by phone 0800 726 01 01.

Anyone who expects the amount to be returned automatically to the FGTS, the procedure will be available after 90 days of deposit. The amounts will be corrected and returned to the active and inactive accounts of origin. In this case, if you wish to withdraw, you will have to request the return of the amounts, also through the Caixa Tem app.

On the website or app

Finally, it is possible to consult the FGTS statement through the Caixa website or through the FGTS application. Through the website, the worker must inform the NIS (PIS/Pasep) or the Citizen Password. The query through the application is also simple, however, it is necessary to download it.

How to make the extraordinary withdrawal from the Guarantee Fund?

As per previous information, deposits are available in a digital savings account opened in the name of each worker at Caixa Tem. In this way, to have access to the resources, just download the application and log in.

On the platform it is possible to pay bills and slips, make online purchases with a virtual debit card, recharge your cell phone and even make transfers via PIX.

However, workers who did not fully or partially withdraw the extraordinary amounts of the FGTS within 90 days (three months) since release had the funds saved again.

According to Caixa Econômica Federal, “workers who have the funds automatically returned to their FGTS account, due to the non-movement of the amounts, and who still want the Extraordinary Saque credit, have until 12/15/2022 to make the request by FGTS App. After the request, the credit will be made to the CAIXA digital account within 15 days”.

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