find out how to make purchases over the card limit

O Nubank launched a somewhat controversial novelty for customers who need to make a purchase over the limit of your card. Instead of releasing more credit, the digital bank performs an emergency assessment to grant an extra limit only in that specific situation.

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The “Purchase Over Limit” function is available in the company’s application, in the cards menu. When you need to carry out a transaction that exceeds your limit, the customer only has to request the increase immediately.

The feature works just like an emergency credit assessment, despite the different name. The difference, according to Nubank, is that there is no charge.

“According to this new policy, any purchase that would be denied for lack of maximum limit will be re-evaluated and, if applicable, we will offer an extra credit so that we can approve it”, he explains.

The novelty is being gradually released to customers, informed the digital bank.

Will Nubank leave Brazil?

THE fintech also announced that it will end its level 3 BDRs (Brazilian Depositary Receipt) program. The news generated rumors that the digital bank would close its activities in the country, which the company has already denied.

“Nubank will not close in Brazil. The announcement is just the restructuring of the BDR program. We continue to work to increasingly simplify the financial lives of our more than 60 million customers,” he said in a statement.

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