Find out with which score Palmeiras guarantees the title of the Brasileirão-2022

Palmeiras has been leading the Brasileirão for almost 20 rounds and today is the club with the most chances of winning the competition. However, for the fans, players and coaching staff, the title is still far from being won. That’s because there are still 11 rounds left for the end of the championship and there are still many points left for the team to reach the “safe” score to get the trophy.

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Currently, Verdão has 57 points, eight more than the vice-leader, which is Internacional. The advantage gives at least two rounds of margin to Abel Ferreira’s team, which means a certain tranquility, but nothing that consecutive stumbles can’t put the entire campaign to lose. Therefore, all caution is necessary and the calculations are already being done to seek a target score.

In this current scenario, Colorado would reach a maximum of 82 points if they win all 11 rounds ahead of them. That way, Palmeiras would be champion from the moment they reach 83 points, one more than the maximum that the gauchos can reach.

It turns out that this score also lives on a hypothetical level, since to reach it, Verdão would have to take advantage of 78.8% of the points they dispute from now on, that is, 26 of the 33 possible. To give you an idea, with all this good campaign that Alviverde has built, the use is 70.4% of the points.

It is worth noting that this safe score that guarantees the title may decrease over the next rounds, as competitors can stumble and, with that, the maximum of Inter or another team would be less than 82, allowing Abel’s men to goal is not as far off as it is currently.

If you focus on this condition in which you wouldn’t depend on rivals stumbling to open an advantage, Palmeiras would need nine wins in 11 matches, making at least 27 points and would no longer be reached. In another scenario, he would need to win eight games and draw at least two to reach the desired 26 points for the cup.

If Alviverde gets seven wins in 11 games, it would no longer be possible to reach 26 points even if they tie the other four, since they would reach a maximum of 25, drawing with the maximum of Internacional, which would reach 82 and could pass through number of triumphs (24 x 23). Not to mention that the teams face each other in the last round, in Porto Alegre, which could be the title decision.

Thus, it is very difficult to speak of “already won”, since the score that would mathematically guarantee the title is still far from being reached. Therefore, the “feet on the ground” speech of the Palmeirense is not lip service. If you don’t want to depend on the mistakes of others, the team will have to make an almost perfect final straight in terms of results.

Maximum score of the Brasileirão G6:

1) Palmeiras – 57 points (it would reach 90 points at most)
2) International – 49 points (up to 82 points maximum)
3) Fluminense – 48 points (up to 81 points)
4) Flamengo – 45 points (up to 78 points at most)
5) Corinthians – 44 points (77 points maximum)
6) Athletico-PR – 44 points (up to 77 points)

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