Fonseca, Hopkins and Bonvalot in the ″half″ of the main frame of the World Surfing Games

On the other hand, the three surfers who were in the repechages – Guilherme Ribeiro, Frederico Morais and Kika Veselko – were eliminated.

Guilherme Fonseca, Yolanda Hopkins and Teresa Bonvalot qualified on Thursday for the semi-finals of the main frame of the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Games, while the three surfers who were in the repechages were eliminated.

In Huntington Beach, in the United States, Guilherme Ribeiro and Frederico Morais fell in the sixth round of the men’s repechages and Francisca Veselko in the women’s fifth round.

The three Portuguese representatives still in the competition will compete in the semi-finals of the main table – then the final of the table and the final against the ‘survivors’ of the repechage.

Teresa Bonvalot, bronze medalist at the 2021 Worlds, and Yolanda Hopkins, runner-up in the world last year, who in the fourth round were second in their respective heats, with 6.67 and 13.47 points, will face off in the first heat of the fifth round, along with the Australian Sally Fitzgibbons, the holder of the World Games title, and the Peruvian Daniella Rosas.

Guilherme Fonseca also advanced in the race with the second place in his battery, with 12.07 points, being only beaten by the Japanese Kanoa Igarashi, Olympic runner-up in Tokyo’2020, who totaled 13.87.

The 25-year-old surfer from Peniche will dispute access to the final of the main frame against Peruvian Lucca Mesinas and North American Kolohe Andino.

Along the way were Guilherme Ribeiro and Frederico Morais, who did not go beyond the third and last places in the respective heats of the sixth round of the repechages, with scores of 8.86 and 11.3.

In the women’s repechages, Kika Veselko still surpassed the fifth round, with the second place in the heat, with 10.83 points, but fell in the sixth, with 8.77, behind the Spanish Nadia Erostarbe (9.9) and the French Vahiné Fierro. (9.83), concluding the competition among the 17th classified.

Portugal is fighting for the first world title in the ISA World Surfing Games and for the first two Olympic spots, in the competition that takes place in California until Saturday.

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