Giovanna Antonelli returns as Helô delegate in ‘Travessia’, 10 years after the character’s success in ‘Salve Jorge’ | TV and Series

Ten years after the success of the characters Helô and Stênio, from “Salve Jorge”, the delegate and the lawyer will be back. This time, they will be in the soap opera “Travessia”, which, like “Salve Jorge”, is written by Glória Perez.

In the new 9 pm telenovela, which premieres on October 10, Glória continues the story of the duo, which began to tell in 2012, and shows how the two are after the passing of the years.

Giovanna Antonelli and Alexandre Nero, who play Helô and Stênio, talked about the duo’s return to TV. In the new phase, they are separated again. The pair had married for the second time in the final chapter of “Salve Jorge”.

“We are no longer the same people, but the story that Gloria decided to tell is theirs, so we have to rescue them too”, said the actress during a press conference about the soap opera. “Helô gains a new layer, which is the investigation of digital crimes. She is a woman who represents me, in whom I believe, and who is inspired by many delegates in Brazil.”

Giovanna Antonelli and Alexandre Nero in ‘Salve Jorge’ — Photo: Publicity/Globo/João Cotta

Alexandre Nero also celebrated the return of the characters. “Happiness doesn’t work all the time in soap operas, it needs conflict. That’s why the choice to bring these characters in another moment was very smart. The seed is the same, it has the relationship of cat and mouse, humor and drama, affection and affection. But the passage of time is inevitable”, says the actor, making it clear that the new separation of the couple was not his character’s decision.

“Stenio is a shrewd man, a competent and seductive lawyer, who will now move through different scenarios. Even so, this man has another side: he was not the one who asked for the divorce.”

“He used to be a light person, but now he has the burden of ten more years, the dramas of 45, 50 years old arrive. He seems lonelier.”

Deepfake investigation

Helô will be the delegate responsible for investigating the deepfake that transforms Brisa (Lucy Alves), the protagonist of the soap opera, into an alleged criminal.

Helô will gain a new duo at the police station: the investigator Yone (Yohama Eshima). It is she who will help to unveil the secrets of the “dark web” to the public.

“The topic is new and scary, especially for someone like me, who has never had contact with it. I’ve been talking to police officers who work with this type of (digital) crime and I’ve seen the seriousness of the problems they bring. My character, together with Helô, brings an alert to Brazilian families. It is very important to talk about this subject”, explains Yohama.

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