‘I’m a fag, makeup, bearded, evangelical and Bolsonarista’ – 09/23/2022 – Social Network

“The election period has barely begun and I have already started to be attacked and called the worst adjectives.”

So begins a video posted on September 13 by Agustin Fernandez, a makeup artist and businessman who has 4.5 million followers on Instagram, where he shares moments with First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro, in the position of “first friend” of the presidential couple.

Wearing a yellow shirt, a color in reference to September as a month dedicated to mental health, “the makeup divo” draws attention to the fact that he was attacked by an alleged professional in the area.

“The person posted a video diagnosing me with a personality disorder. This is serious business and should not be used to attack me because of political differences,” he told Sheet.

On September 18, there was Agustin causing a stir with another post. In a carousel of four photos, in the first of them he and Michelle appear in London, dressed in black, accompanying the funeral ceremonies of Queen Elizabeth II.

In the caption, the makeup artist thanked the stylist, the hatmaker and the shoe store in Bom Retiro who provided clothes and accessories for the first lady’s solemn wardrobe in the United Kingdom.

The following are the main excerpts from the interview on how to preserve mental health in times of political polarization, friendship with the Bolsonaros and attacks on the right and left.


I have recurring anxiety attacks. I went to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack.

I always thought my attention deficit was part of my personality, but there came a time when I was losing people I love. Forgot to call to say a happy birthday or go to the funeral of a friend’s mother.

I thought about making a video on the subject, but I was afraid to expose my intimacy and judgments. People are not prepared to talk about mental health.

Out of nowhere, someone attacks me saying I have image disorder. Thank God, today I am able to pay a psychiatrist, who I see every month, a psychologist. What if I didn’t?


The video circulated for a few days, but my legal team got in touch and the person removed it. She admitted in the comments that she didn’t like me because of my political stance.

I went on her Instagram, thinking it would be from a psychologist. I saw that she sells courses, trains people, but she doesn’t have the training to go out there with diagnoses and attack someone for a mental health problem.

If I want to launch a new cosmetic product, I need to have a dermatologist and a chemist, who will analyze the formula and send it to Anvisa. And I always advise clients to consult a dermatologist. It’s right.

Anyway, the fact shook me because I’m still getting to know myself and I haven’t closed my diagnosis 100%. It made me want to be an active voice against these unprepared people dealing with mental health on the internet.

I can live with the left, but I cannot live with a coach. If I have to choose between dating a leftist and a coach, introduce me to the person on the left, my love.


My English teacher, whom I love dearly, will vote for Lula. She is in love with him. And we really respect each other. We keep trying to convince each other to switch sides.

Her husband is a bolsonarista. When I say that you shouldn’t fight about it, she says that I behave like a person on the left.

In the area of ​​fashion, audiovisual and art production, most people are leftists. I went to do a production for a magazine cover and at no time did we disrespect each other.

We even made a funny video with an exorcism. Everyone recognized each other and within the family there are people from the left and from the right who are finding each other strange.


I’ve known Michelle for four years. She didn’t like doing interviews or showing up. She is shy. I always say, “Friend, the day people meet you, they will fall in love with you”.

For her life story, for the context where she came from. Michelle has a very strong human side. Her heart breaks for animals, for homeless people.

I know that our friendship is a curiosity of journalists. She is First Lady, a conservative, church woman who has been married for nearly 15 years. He’s the president, he’s almost 70 years old. I’m a single, effeminate gay man.

We are extremely different people and we have respect for each other. I go to the president’s house and they know my teacher is on the left. The president has to be incisive with the opposition, but respects the voter.

I particularly love the jokes he makes. He doesn’t stay in that deified executive leader position. He puts himself at the height of people.

I’m very playful. These days, I went to church with Michelle and on the way back he asked how it was. I replied: “I came back a new woman!”. He found it super funny.


I was in Brasilia on the 7th of September. I stay at Alvorada with them. When they come to São Paulo, they stay at home.

After the parade, I posted a photo with the caption: “the Divo, the Lady and the Imbrochable”. I didn’t go make up Michelle. I make and post several videos of her putting on makeup and saying: “What’s the point of having a makeup artist friend if I have to do it alone”.

I made another video in which Michelle appears with the voice of a pastor saying that makeup is from the devil.

This pastor is so radical that not even Christians take it seriously. She appears saying that she was raptured, had an experience with God and saw many people with makeup in hell.


These people are on the left and on the right. Since 2018, I have been very hostile. They said everything you can imagine in a pejorative way. They even used my story that I was a prostitute, which I openly tell.

I’m not worried about showing my pain, that side that isn’t so divo. They say that I should go back to my country, Uruguay, that I could not give an opinion on anything. Some attack my sexual orientation.

It’s heavy. I see a lot in the press that everything is linked to the right, but it is widespread. There are clueless people everywhere.

I received death threats. Comments have already been made with references to LGBT deaths. They talk about specific crimes wanting me to go through the same. I remember a transvestite who was beaten to death. They wanted me to go through this situation.


I don’t agree when I saw the video of a bolsonarista man distributing lunch box and saying that he would no longer help a woman because she was going to vote for Lula.

This is nonsense. I do volunteer work on the street. Even with Michelle. We never stopped to ask anything about religion and politics.

We need to understand that if we are taking care of vulnerable people, any difference is irrelevant. Through Michelle’s program, Pátria Voluntária, she helped a lot of people in the pandemic.

We have a government with an economic system that is more focused on capitalism and meritocracy, but we have this human side of Michelle, which is an agenda that the left has always brought.

I understand that the human part without money doesn’t exist either. Today, I can buy R$ 20 thousand of food and donate.

We have to build a society where people earn more money and put volunteer work in their routine. That’s what Michelle does. Thus, we will be able to reach places that governments cannot reach. I went to communities where I met people who didn’t know they had emergency aid.


I’m passionate about the president and the first lady, as people and also the work they’ve been doing within the conditions and a pandemic scenario.

The president didn’t get vaccinated, but I got vaccinated and posted. I went to the health center to get vaccinated and took products from my line to the nurses.

I’m consistent. It’s not blind support.


To be evangelical is to believe in God and that Jesus passed through the Earth and sacrificed himself for us.

I understand these people who have suffered from falling into the hands of the wrong religious leader. That’s why I take a stand on the internet against religious leaders, of any religion, who mix things up.

But one thing that no one talks about is that I have always suffered prejudice in the LGBTQIA+ community. Not just because of my political stance. This has now worsened. Being a friend of Bolsonaro is now an argument.

I’ve frequented this universe, where they said I was beautiful, but very effeminate. I’m 1m78, I’m skinny, I wear makeup. I break taboos and stigmas. If you stop to analyze it, I’m a fag, with makeup, with a beard, who attends an evangelical church and is a bolsonarista.


I think Bolsonaro will win. Despite the research, but I can not say how they work.

He’s very strong. I attended a beauty fair and was ready to be harassed. Most were beauty professionals, many LGBTs and who don’t like Bolsonaro.

When I got there, what was there to be gay at that fair to take a picture with me! Instead of slapping his face, he only heard: “I love Bolsonaro”.

They were professionals who saw their salons or aesthetic services closed in the pandemic. They lost their business and their source of income. They agree with the policy of protecting themselves, but not closing everything, which Bolsonaro was against. It made these people pay attention to his speech.

Elections are already set. Either it will be Bolsonaro or it will be Lula. If people already know what they are going to vote for, they can debate without attacking, demoralizing or harming someone’s mental health. Everyone comes with sequels from the pandemic. Lost someone, the job, the company.

It is unnecessary to be aggressive because of political bias. This will only generate a crisis of violence, which I don’t know where it will end.

There was that policeman who went on his birthday and killed a PT member. Then there was a guy with a tattoo of Lula on his arm who killed his wife. So, there is no way to tell who is holy and who is not.

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