In Ratinho, Lula defends legacy, criticizes Bolsonaro and Ciro and appeals against abstention

In an interview with Mouse Programat the SBT, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) criticized opponents Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and Ciro Gomes (PDT) and appealed to voters not to abstain. Lula called Bolsonaro “ignorant” and “chucro”, while criticizing the former captain’s management in the Covid-19 crisis.

“What did Bolsonaro do wrong? Bolsonaro, you know he’s kind of ignorant. he is very hot“, said. “He could have set up a crisis committee, he could have listened to the world health council, he could have set up a council with the main health secretaries of the Brazilian states and he could have bought the vaccine at the right time. He was joking.”

Lula also recalled that Brazil was one of the first countries to receive offers of vaccines against Covid-19 and accused Bolsonaro of not having made the purchase “because he did not believe in the vaccine”.

Then, he compared the president with what he called “capiau”, referring to residents of the interior of the state of São Paulo.

“He made fun of the pandemic, he joked. It’s a stupidity of someone who is a little ignorant. That’s what he is, a little ignorant. That rough look of his, that capiau look, you know? From the interior of São Paulo“, declared the former president.

Regarding Ciro Gomes, Lula said that the opponent “is freaking out”. The criticism came when presenter Ratinho said that Ciro had promised to “end with those who are in debt”, when dealing with the high inflation.

“I saw. I think Ciro is freaking out”, he said. “I saw Ciro tell you here that the interest rate is too high. He was finance minister for three months. Do you know what the interest rate was when he was a minister? 55%. If he has a short memory, it is important for him to remember, he was a minister.”

Appealing against abstention in the October 2 vote, Lula addressed viewers: “You who think you are going to abstain, who don’t like anyone, please go to the polls and vote for whoever you believe will fix this country. . If you don’t vote, you won’t be able to demand anything from anyone. It is important that you take responsibility. This Brazil will be of the quality you want, the size you want, as good as you want”.

Lula also defended the legacy of his government in different aspects that are usually raised by Bolsonaro.

On the issue of financing works in other countries, such as Venezuela, Lula argued that the construction of the Caracas subway had begun during the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB). He also claimed that this type of operation consists of the sale of Brazilian technology and labor, in contracts that oblige the country that receives the work to contract components from the State that finances it.

In addition, he denied that he stopped paying for financing in Brazil to privilege abroad. The PT said that, in his government, the country had left the debtor of the International Monetary Fund and became a creditor with billions of reserves.

“When you are financing a work abroad, you are financing and exporting your engineering”, stated Lula.

The ex-president again promised a meeting with the 27 governors in the first week of administration, in case he is elected, and said that he intends to list the three main works of each state.

Lula also criticized the coup against former president Dilma Rousseff and said that one of the consequences of the impeachment it was the dismantling of Petrobras’ policies, which, according to him, were aimed at the development of technologies so that the state-owned company could start exporting petroleum derivatives, and not just crude oil.

Regarding the issue of hunger, Lula promised again that the lower classes will have access to noble meats, such as picanha, and praised policies for financing his management of family farming, the annual increase in the minimum wage above inflation and the Bolsa Família .

On the environment, Lula criticized the fires in the Amazon and said that Brazil can get rich from conservation projects, without “planting soybeans in the Pantanal” and other protected areas. The former president also defended the work of the Landless Rural Workers Movement and said that the organization is currently “in another”. On the occasion, he mentioned the work in cooperatives and praised the production of organic rice.

At one point, the PT declared himself a “citizen of the left” and said he wanted to “build a more harmonious world” between employers and employees.

The interview took place moments after the release of the most recent Datafolha poll, in which Lula appeared in a positive swing and scored 47%, against 33% for Bolsonaro. PT does not intend to attend the presidential debate in SBT scheduled for Saturday 24th, but confirmed an appearance on TV Globo next week.

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