In Rio, man kills drug dealer, steals rifle and hides in water tank for 6 hours until PM arrives | Rio de Janeiro

A police operation by the PM scared the residents of Cidade Alta, in Cordovil, in the West Zone of Rio, this Thursday (22). But what drew even more attention was her motive: to rescue a man who had killed a drug dealer, stolen his rifle and hidden himself in a community water tank for six hours.

The situation began during the early hours of the morning, when the man fought with a drug dealer in the region, the stabbed to death and then escaped taking the rifle that was with the criminal.

The attitude provoked the wrath of the whole gang, who began to hunt the man for Cordovil. There are reports that drug dealers raided several homes of residents looking for the man.

The man managed to hide inside a water tank and asked the police for help via cell phone.

“We received a call at our communications center. Afterwards, we managed to contact him through WhatsApp. He sent the location, and claimed he would be inside a water tank”, said Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Sepúlveda, from the 16th BPM, in Olaria.

Until he was rescued by the PM, the man stayed about six hours on site.

Water tank in Cidade Alta, in Cordovil: men stayed there for six hours — Photo: TV Globo

.50 machine gun seized

In the police operation, which began around 10 am, two suspects were killed. One of them shot the police tank with a .50 machine gun – which was seized.

Four grenades and the rifle that was with the man who stabbed and killed the drug dealer were also seized.

The man was rescued and taken to hospital with hand injuries and in a state of shock. The reason for his fight with the drug dealer is unknown. It is suspected that he is a police informant. The man will be investigated by the Homicide Precinct.

A policeman displays the weapons seized in the operation: a .50 caliber machine gun (on the right) and an AR-15 rifle — Photo: Reproduction

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