In search of a useful vote, Lula says that Ciro Gomes ‘is freaking out’ and refutes accusations

The ex-president commented on the pedetista’s speeches and pointed out that the interest rate while the ex-minister was in charge of the Treasury was 55%; ‘If he has a short memory, it’s important to remember,’ he said.

Lula leads the voting intentions for the presidency of the Republic

The presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) gave an interview this Thursday, 22, and accused his opponent in the electoral dispute, Ciro Gomes (PDT), of being “freaking out”. The speech took place after the interviewer Ratinho questioned the pedestrian’s measure of promising to forgive the population’s debts. “I think Ciro is freaking out,” he said, interrupting the presenter. Then, the leader in the polls for voting intentions recalled Ciro’s time at the Ministry of Finance during the administration of Itamar Franco and said that it is “important to remember” some facts “if he [Ciro] have a short memory”. “I saw Ciro speak to you [Ratinho]: ‘No, because the interest rate is very high, Brazil paid R$ 500 billion’. He was Minister of Finance for three months, do you know what the interest rate was when he was Minister? 55%,” he stated. The PT member, who is still looking for a useful vote in an attempt to settle the presidential elections in the first round – a Datafolha poll released this Thursday shows the former metallurgist with 50% of the valid votes and on the threshold to be elected on October 2 – , also made an appeal on the program and asked voters not to stop voting. “I wanted you to attend, you who think you are going to abstain because you don’t like anyone, please go to the polls and vote and choose who you believe will fix the country. But vote to have the right to complain, to curse, to demand. If you don’t vote, you won’t be able to demand anything from anyone”, he cried. Finally, the candidate Workers’ Party pointed out that there is no doubt about the smoothness of the electoral process and that “Lulinha paz e amor returned with full force”.

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