IR 2022: 1 million declarations fell into the fine mesh; see reasons

The Internal Revenue Service reported that 1,032,279 taxpayers fell into the fine mesh in the 2022 Income Tax season. and September this year.

The total number of taxpayers caught by the IRS in 2022 represents an increase of 18% compared to 2021, when 869,302 fell into the fine mesh.

Of those withheld in 2022, 811,782 declarations had tax to be refunded, about 78.6% of the total in mesh; 198,541 declarations (or 19.2% of the total in mesh), with Tax Payable (IAP); and 21,956, with a zero balance, representing 2.1% of the total mesh.

Falling into the fine mesh of the Federal Revenue means that the declaration will be withheld because of an error, such as an incorrect amount, an omitted income, wrong registration information or even a possible fraud in analysis.

José Carlos Fernandes da Fonseca, national supervisor of the Income Tax, states that the withholding criteria in the mesh are not fixed and that they depend on a series of variables that change over time.

“A statement that, in one year, would pass through the mesh, in another exercise, can be withheld. The comparison of values ​​declared by the taxpayer (using or not the pre-filled) and declared by third parties is not the only retention criterion. The quality and reliability of the data presented are criteria that can release or withhold a statement in mesh.”

Here are the main reasons for errors for contributors:

  • 41.9% – Omission of earnings subject to annual adjustment of declared holders and dependents;
  • 28.6% – Deductions from the calculation basis, with medical expenses being the main reason;
  • 21.9% – Discrepancies in the value between what appears in the declaration of the paying source and what was declared;
  • 7.6% – Other errors caused by deductions from the tax due, receipt of accrued income and/or discrepancy in information regarding payment of carnê-leão and/or supplementary tax.

In order to receive a larger refund or reduce taxes owed, some taxpayers are tempted to omit a data to the tax authorities. But it is worth remembering that cheap can be expensive: errors and inconsistencies in the declaration can generate fines and, at the limit, fraud can even lead the taxpayer to be indicted for tax crime.

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