IR 2022: more than 1 million taxpayers fell into the fine mesh; see main reasons | Income tax

More than 1 million taxpayers fell into the fine mesh of the Income Tax, according to data released this Thursday (22) by the Federal Revenue. In all, according to the tax authorities, 38,188,642 statements were delivered until September.

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Of the refunds in the mesh, 811,782 declarations have Tax Refundable, or 78.6% of the total. Another 198,541 declarations (19.2% of the total in mesh) have tax payable, while 21,956 have a zero balance (2.1%).

See the main reasons that led contributors to the lion’s mesh:

  • 41.9% – Omission of income (declared holders and dependents);
  • 28.6% – Deductions from the calculation basis (main reason for deduction: medical expenses);
  • 21.9% – Discrepancies in the amount of IRRF between what was declared by the paying source and what was declared by the individual (among others, lack of information on the beneficiary, and discrepancy between the amounts);
  • 7.6% – Deductions from tax due, receipt of accrued income, and divergence of information on payment of carnê-leão and/or supplementary tax.

In a note, the National Supervisor of the Income Tax Program, tax auditor José Carlos Fernandes da Fonseca, points out that the retention criteria in mesh are not fixed, “they depend on a series of variables that change over time”.

“A declaration that in one year would pass through the mesh, in another year may be retained. The comparison of values ​​declared by the taxpayer (using the pre-filled or not) and declared by third parties (dirf, dmed, dimob…) is not the only retention criterion. The quality and reliability of the data presented are criteria that can release or withhold a looped statement.”

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Income Tax 2022: what are the most common mistakes that lead to fine mesh?

Income Tax 2022: what are the most common mistakes that lead to fine mesh?

How do I know if I’ve fallen into the fine mesh?

Inquiries can be made in the same way as the refund inquiry:

  • on the Revenue page on the internet;
  • in the Revenue app for tablets and smartphones.

The program will inform whether or not there are pending issues that prevent the payment of the refund, that is, if the taxpayer has fallen into the so-called fine mesh.

Taxpayers can also access the Income Tax “statement” on the Federal Revenue’s website, in the so-called e-CAC (Virtual Service Center).

To access the IR statement, it is necessary to use the access code generated on the Federal Revenue website itself, or a digital certificate issued by an authorized authority.

  • See the step by step of the IR statement

Refunds for statements that show inconsistency (in a mesh situation) are released only after being corrected by the citizen, or after the taxpayer presents proof that his statement is correct.

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