journalist cites intense hours and details departure

Fired yesterday from ESPN, journalist Felippe Facincani released his next professional projects and talked about his departure from the network after two years of work (watch below).

On his new YouTube channel, the commentator mentioned that his last hours were “intense”, he highlighted the affection of the fans and thanked the channel.

“I’m coming to thank you for all the messages I’ve received these last few hours. [Foram] extremely comforting, affectionate and learning a lot from my situation”, began Facincani.

“It’s been very intense hours, it’s true. But, at the same time, with a resilience that I’m sure will be extremely positive for my future. I didn’t have the dimension of so many good people who were around me, cheering for my success and that he regretted my departure from ESPN,” he continued.

Following, the journalist detailed part of his departure from the company. “I cannot forget in this message to thank ESPN, in these two years, for all the structure and base it gave me so that I could consolidate my career. It was a childhood dream to work in this noble and special place. I most admired when I was a kid, who watched all the international games, the one who journalistically indoctrinated me to follow in the profession and who, after many years, I had the honor of sitting on an ESPN stand.”

“Divergences of ideas exist in all squares and markets, it was no different this time. ESPN is following its path with great success because, in fact, it is revolutionizing the sports market. I will follow and walk my path here with you” , concluded Facincani.

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