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Judge Demétrius Gomes Cavalcanti, of the Federal District Court of Justice (TJDFT), determined the withdrawal of reports from the UOL portalwhich dealt with the purchase of 51 propertiesin cash, by the family of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) (see further below). The decision is injunction, is in secret of Justice, and meets a request from Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ).

In the decision, the magistrate understood that the reports, written by journalists Juliana Dal Piva and Thiago Herdy, were based on an investigation annulled by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). O UOL says it has already complied with the decision, but classified it as “censorship” and said it will appeal.

The reports considered the assets of the president, the three oldest children, the mother, five brothers and two ex-wives, in the Federal District and in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. According to the text, they are 107 properties, of which 51 were purchased with cash. In values ​​adjusted for inflation, the amount today is equivalent to almost BRL 26 millionaccording to the report.

Among the properties analyzed are some that were mentioned in investigations into an alleged cracking scheme involving Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, when he was a state deputy in Rio de Janeiro, between 2003 and 2018.

A day after the reports were released, President Jair Bolsonaro got angry when asked about buying real estate with cash. “What’s the problem with buying a property with cash? I don’t know what’s written in the article. What’s the problem? Investigate, my God in heaven, investigate”, he stated.

Judge’s decision

In the decision, judge Demétrius Gomes Cavalcanti states that, even though the journalists and the portal, “have said that they based their research on reliable documents (public deeds for the purchase and sale of real estate), to find out which and how many properties were acquired, with cash, by the B family, since the 1990s, these facts were linked to the conclusion, or at least the assumption, that the capital used to purchase the properties would come from an illicit practice, consisting of the so-called ‘cracks'”.

'It's the Bolsonaro family's strategy', says Valdo about the decision that ordered the removal of a report on the purchase of 51 properties with cash

‘It’s the Bolsonaro family’s strategy’, says Valdo about the decision that ordered the removal of a report on the purchase of 51 properties with cash

Also according to the magistrate, “some of the businesses started” were mentioned in the investigation that investigated the alleged “crack” scheme involving Flávio Bolsonaro. The investigation was annulled by the STJ in November last year, because the ministers of the Fifth Class understood that the investigation was carried out by a judge without competence for the case.

When determining the withdrawal of the reports, judge Demétrius Gomes Cavalcanti says that “such matters were published when the annulment of the investigation was already known, on 08/30/2022 and 09/09/2022, which reflects that the Respondents exceeded the right to freely inform”.

TJ orders the removal of a report on the purchase of 51 properties with cash by the Bolsonaro family

TJ orders the removal of a report on the purchase of 51 properties with cash by the Bolsonaro family

“One, because they obtained some confidential information contained in a criminal investigation that was annulled, and, two, because they linked facts (purchase of real estate with cash), whose disclosure is legitimate to them, to assumptions (the money had illicit origin) not submitted to the sieve of the Judiciary, at least, until now”, he says.

Equity purchased in cash

The UOL report, published in August, stated that it consulted more than a thousand pages of documents from land registry offices and deed records, and that it traveled to 12 cities to check addresses and the destination given to properties, in addition to consulting legal proceedings.

PGR will have to give an opinion on the purchase of real estate from the Bolsonaro family in cash

PGR will have to give an opinion on the purchase of real estate from the Bolsonaro family in cash

According to the text, the acquisition of part of the properties in cash was confirmed in statements by the members of the Bolsonaro family themselves.

According to the report, “purchases registered in the notaries with the payment method ‘in national currency’ totaled R$ 13.5 million. In values ​​adjusted by the IPCA, this amount is currently equivalent to R$ 25, 6 million”.

The UOL report also states that, of the total of 107 properties that make up the president’s family assets, at least 25 were purchased in situations that led to investigations by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District.

One of the properties acquired by one of Bolsonaro’s ex-wives was a mansion in Lago Sul, in Brasília, valued at R$3.2 million. In August of last year, UOL revealed that Ana Cristina Valle and her son Jair Renan lived there. At the time, Ana Cristina said that the house was rented. This year, she included the property in the declaration of assets to the Electoral Court with a lower value: R$ 829 thousand.

In a note, the Union of Professional Journalists of the Federal District (SJPDF) repudiated the judge’s decision. For the entity, “the fact that the events have not yet passed through the sieve of Justice does not prevent journalism from raising suspicion about them, even more so when they involve public persons, occupying positions in the Executive and Parliament, whose actions must and can always be subject to the scrutiny of the press and society”.

“The censorship imposed on the articles goes against the freedom of the press, which the Justice itself should protect, and attacks, once again, one of the most important pillars of democracy”, says the note.

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