Justice determines withdrawal of materials about Bolsonaro family properties

Justice determines withdrawal of materials about Bolsonaro family properties

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Judge Demetrius Gomes Cavalcanti, of the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories, ordered the removal of UOL articles about real estate purchases made by the Bolsonaro family in cash.. The magistrate accepted the defense’s allegations of Flávio Bolsonaro and granted a injunctionrevoking the previous decision of the 4th Criminal Court of Brasília.

For the judge, the reports about the transactions have confidential informationcontained in police investigation that had already been annulled by the Superior Court of Justice. Flávio’s lawyers allege that suspicions that the amounts used in real estate transactions could come from illicit operations, such as cracking, were based on an investigation considered null by the Justice.

“Such matters were published when the annulment of the investigation was already known, on 08/30/2022 and 09/09/2022, which reflects that the Respondents exceeded the right to freely inform. to one, because obtained some confidential information contained in an annulled confidential investigation and, two, because they linked facts (purchase of real estate with cash), whose disclosure is legitimate to them, to suppositions (the money had illicit origin) not submitted to the scrutiny of the Judiciaryat least, so far.”wrote Demetrius Gomes Cavalcanti, who ordered the immediate withdrawal from the air of the reports on the subject, until the judgment of the case.

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