Leonardo goes to court to stop giving his son more money

The former actor of SBT and son of singer Leonardo, João Guilherme has become one of the most talked about names on social media in recent weeks. This is because, recently, the digital influencer caused such an uproar. The contractor of Netflix he was forced to deal with the fact that his father went to court in order to stop ‘helping’ him financially.

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Last year, the patriarch ended up going to court with a request to release him from paying child support to his youngest son, who at the time was 18 years old. The boy, it is worth saying, is the result of the quick relationship that the countryman had with Naira Ávilla, the boy’s mother.

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She asked Leonardo, who is also Zé Felipe’s father, to start paying child support as soon as they separated. According to information from TV Prime, the sertanejo paid a total of about 15 thousand reais since 2011, when the request was made. And now with his older son, he went to court asking to no longer have the duty to pay child support.

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The judge responsible for the case ended up granting injunctive relief, which allowed Leonardo not to have to continue making the monthly payment of the pension. João Guilherme, in turn, did not accept the decision and filed an appeal in court, claiming he did not have the financial conditions to maintain himself.

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The famous former SBT actor and the country singer made an important decision (Photo: Reproduction)
The famous former SBT actor and the country singer made an important decision (Photo: Reproduction)

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The former SBT actor also claimed in his appeal against his father, who took extracurricular courses and studied. João Guilherme also stated that his profession did not yield stable results. He who came to participate in soap operas on SBT, does not currently work on TV.

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It is worth mentioning that the appeal would be judged by the Court of Justice of São Paulo, but father and son managed to reach an agreement and agreed that the singer did not need to pay the pension, so the advance of the process was not necessary.

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