Liga Forte clubs use Premier League TV money as an example for Brasileirão; see how much each one won

Liga Forte Futebol organized an action on social networks to defend a more equal division of television money

THE Strong Football League, one of the two blocks of clubs that discuss the formation of a league to organize the two first divisions of Brazilian football, made a joint action this Thursday. the clubs impacted the revenue division of the Premier League and called for a more equal distribution in Brazil.

“In the Premier League, the highest-earning club received £153m and the lowest-earning club £101m. Difference of 1.5 times. The facts show that a more balanced division generates more competitiveness and more revenue. This is the concept we believe in and the reason why we are part of #LigaForteFootball”, published several clubs on their social networks.

The Forte Football League is made up of 25 A and B series clubs. Atlético-MG, Atletico-PR, Fluminense and International.

On the other side, there is Librawith clubs like Guild, Botafogo, Flamengo, Vasco, cruise, Corinthians, palm trees, saints and Sao Paulo.

Liga Forte Futebol’s action was prompted by business blog Swiss Ramble, which last Wednesday released an analysis of the Premier League’s television payments division. The official figures had already been released by the English football elite on 1 July.

O Manchester City was the club that received the most TV money from the Premier League last season. In total, Guardiola’s club pocketed approximately 153 million pounds. The one who received the least was the relegated Norwich City, who was left with just over 100 million pounds (about R$ 576 million).

The proportional difference between whoever won the most and whoever won the least is 1.5 (ie City won 50% more than Norwich).

“While Flamengo (R$ 160 million per contract) and Corinthians (R$ 110 million per contract) earn high, clubs like Fortaleza (R$ 2.8 million) appear at the bottom of this table”, criticizes Liga Forte Futebol in a statement.

The proportion between the numbers released by the LFF from Flamengo to Fortaleza, for example, is 57, against only 1.5 for the Premier League.

“That’s why we defend a fairer division of resources in the creation of the club league in Brazil. A more balanced league attracts more investors and so everyone grows. The best example is the Premier League, where medium-sized clubs are able to make large investments . In the English league, the difference between the one who earns the most and the one who earns the least is very low”, says the president of StrengthMarcelo Paz.

It is worth saying that Libra also advocates a more equal division of quotas, although there are some differences between the two groups.

Review the TV quota split for the 2021/22 Premier League season

  1. Manchester City – 153 million of pounds

  2. Liverpool – 152 million

  3. Tottenham – 146 million

  4. Arsenal – 145 million

  5. Chelsea – 145 million

  6. Manchester United – 143 million

  7. West Ham – 136 million

  8. Leicester – 129 million

  9. Newcastle – 127 million

  10. Brighton – 126 million

  11. Wolverhampton – 125 million

  12. Crystal Palace – 120 million

  13. Aston Villa – 120 million

  14. Brentford – 118 million

  15. Everton – 117 million

  16. Leeds United – 115 million

  17. Southampton – 111 million

  18. Burnley – 105 million

  19. Watford – 102 million

  20. Norwich – 100 millions

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